Friday, November 30, 2007

Just Give Me The "Mom of the Year" Award Now

First of all, it is raining! It's been raining pretty steadily since noon, and it's supposed to continue well into the evening. This is awesome, because it never happens. Usually when it does rain here, like a monsoon storm in the summer, it's over in about 10 minutes. This is fantastic. This is looking out of my garage:

At about 3pm, I'm talking to Steve on the phone, and he's just getting ready to leave work. I have already picked up Danni from school, and she and Kylie and I are at home. I mention to Steve that I have to go pick up Shannon in about 20 minutes. He says he'll see me when he gets home. I hang up, fire up my laptop, and proceed with one of my favorite activities. No, not blogging...bill paying! Today was payday for both of us, you see, and one of my favorite things to do is to see all that money in my checking account, and then see it all leave again. Awesome.

So I'm merrily typing away on my laptop, doling out money to various multi-billion dollar companies like AT&T, VISA and the insurance company, when my cell phone rings. It's my friend Ro, whose daughter attends the same jr high as Shannon. She says,

"Where are you?"

I glance at the clock on my computer, and it says 3:25pm. Shit. Within the span of 25 minutes, I completely spaced picking up Shannon from school. And it's raining.

"Umm...I'm sitting on my bed at home, because I forgot to pick up Shannon?"

"Well, she's here in my car and she's wet and freezing....I'm just going to bring her home, ok?"

"Yeah, that's great...thank you very much!"

So Danni is sitting here on the bed with me, and she just starts dying laughing.

"You forgot Shannon! You forgot Shannon!" More laughing.

Ok, so I'm thinking when Shannon does get home, she's going to be pissed that I forgot her. Middle child, no respect, blah, blah. Now in my defense, on every other school day, M-TH, I'm already at work when she gets out of school, so I don't normally pick her up. Friday is the only day that I do, and yeah, I spaced it. 20 minutes after telling my husband that I was going.

So Danni and Kylie and I went out and opened the garage door, and set up the folding sports chairs inside the garage. We're watching the rain and waiting for Shannon to get home.

I am so Mom of the Year right now. At this point I still think Shannon's going to be pissed.

My friend pulls up to my driveway about 10 minutes later, and here's Shannon:

She was wet, but she wasn't mad, actually she was having a lot of fun. We sat out there for a while, waiting for Steve to get home, while the girls entertained me playing various songs on Danni's iPod and doing some incredibly silly dances. We had the best time. I love the rain.


onthegomom said...

Oh my... I am so happy for you and your rain. But I have to tell you that 'your' rain is heading 'my' way and it will be here tomorrow (or so the TV guy told me today) only "my rain" will be in the form of 6" of snow AND THEN 2-3" of ice. Oh yes, I am not kidding. I really super de duper hope you keep your rain all to yourself :)

Jenifer said...

bwahhaaaa, you forgot Shannon. That is something I would have done. I'm glad she wasn't upset. By the way...does Shannon have duct tape on her pants? Is this a new style?

Shelley said...

Yes, she does have duct tape on her pants. I thought that was odd too. I asked her about it this morning, and she said she had to do that because she got "dress-coded", for having holes in the knees of her jeans. ?? She's worn those jeans several times before, and never had a problem, so I have no idea.

Lish said...

Your rain is coming as snow and ICE here too! Keep it!

BTW...if she's in short sleeves and barefoot in the rain....she's not freezing. And I'm the mean mom that makes my kids put on a jacket with a hood and trek off walking to school a WHOLE 5 BLOCKS! WAH! ;)

BTW, they have that as part of our dress code ripped jeans. Unfortunately, that means between Kenny growing about 4 inches in the last month (okay, maybe longer) and the holes in the jeans (which I am sure he got AT school playing football, can't they control him?) I've been scouring thrift stores for jeans. (Finally scored today!)

Shelley said...

Well, the "freezing" comment came from my friend Ro, who ... well, let's just say she can be a bit dramatic at times. :) Love ya Ro!

I should hit the thrift store for jeans too. Right now I'm having an awful time finding pants to fit that kid. She's too tall for kid sizes that fit the waist (like maybe a 12), and too skinny for jr sizes. She also told me a 14 slim in kids was too big in the waist. Now add this to the fact that she ONLY wants the skinny leg jeans, and that a lot of the stuff out there is still flared or boot cut. She doesn't want anything to do with those. Sigh. I'm sure I could find a Jrs size 00 with skinny legs at Tilly's or Dillard's that would fit, but I can't afford $50 for one pair of jeans.