Sunday, November 25, 2007

It's Just a Little Fib

I was on the website for the MVD yesterday, printing out a copy of the driver's license test manual thingy for oldest daughter. I also saw that you could print out the application for the permit, so I did that too. Anything to avoid paperwork hassles as you're waiting 6 hours at the MVD, right?

I gave her the form to fill out, and she recoiled in horror when she saw that little square to fill in that says "weight." I'll point out that this girl is of an average size...about 5'6", 135 lbs, and muscular. Proportions that I would kill someone for. I ended that sentence with a preposition. Proportions for which I would kill someone?

Danni - "Mom! Do I really have to put my weight on here?"

Me - giggling - "Oh no sweetpea...just put whatever number you want there. That's what everyone else does."

I just encouraged my daughter to lie. Ok, raise your hand if the weight on your driver's license is your actual weight. Anyone? Anyone? Certainly, mine is slightly under-reported.


onthegomom said...

OMG... mine is so much a lie I think my right leg weighs as much as what it says on my license! Just tell your daughter that is the only place you are okay to lie! :)

LIBSMOM said...

Thankfully, no weight needs to be revealed here in Florida. I'm not sure why but I'm sure grateful!
I would have the same problem with Ian though, he's mortified that he's tipped the scales at 120. He's 13!!!

Fannie Mae said...

Being a girl is hard, no doubt about it.

Sheri said...

It's not a lie if you have weighed that much at one point in your life, right?

MadMad said...

I had to fill out my weight on a CORI application to help out at my kid's school - and hand it to my school secretary in front of all the teachers who were milling about. I am so sure they all pounced on that paper the second I walked out the door to see what I'd written - and whether I lied. But I didn't want to lie because then they'd think I really thought I weighed that. And I couldn't decide which was worse - to be a liar or self-deluded. So I had to tell the truth - which was probably worst of all. Oh well.