Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Obligatory Halloween Pictures

You know we gotta have 'em, right? So, last night was pretty un-eventful. We have had a tradition in the past of getting together with a few other familes for a chili dinner and trick-or-treating. But, all the kids are getting older and seem to want to do their own thing now. Except me, of course...I still have a little witch of a 5 year-old to deal with. Hey, I can say that on Halloween...she really was a witch!

Big sister Danni did her hair and make-up, and then Danni went to a party that was sponsored by the band. I love it when the band has their own activities, because I know exactly where she is and that it's well chaperoned. Here's Danni and Kylie together...Danni is supposed to be a modern-day pixie? (well, that's what she said, anyway) She had a lot of glitter on...I'm not sure that shows up too well in the pictures.

Shannon got together with some of her friends from school, a group of about 10 or 12 kids. I wanted a pic of all three kids together, but she came running in from soccer practice, and I'm all "Put your costume on so I can get a quick picture of the three of you." And she's like "Nooooo, we're all getting dressed at Holly's house!!" Sigh. So then I thought I'd get the pic of all three of them when Shannon got home. Unfortunately, by that time Kylie and I were back from trick-or-treating and she was conked out. Here's Shannon in her pirate outfit:

Also, at Kylie's school (which is a PreK-6th Grade charter school), they can't dress up in Halloween costumes...that might offend someone. But what they can do is come dressed as their favorite literary character. So Kylie had a witch outfit. So I say she McGonagall!!! Yeah, that's it! Anyway, here's Kylie with two of her friends from school. I guess Jack Sparrow is a literary character now? In any case, he sure was a cutie!

I took Kylie over to Jen's house and we went trick-or-treating in their neighborhood with Grace and two of her older brothers. We had fun, but the kids were done after about an hour and a half. Kylie and I were back home by 8pm, which is not a bad thing! Now I'm looking forward to a day when Kylie is old enough to go out with a group on her own, and I can sit in the driveway with a bunch of other adults and a big jug of margaritas. I love it when people have their little block parties here...they all gather at one house and hand out all their candy, while sitting in chairs around a firepit. Of course, I'm not sure the firepit is necessary when it's still in the freaking 80s, but ... yeah. It's ambience, right?

Oh, I wish we had fall. I wish the air was cool and crisp and leaves were falling from the trees. That's why I have all this autumn stuff on my's as close as I'm ever going to get to it. Dang, I hate the heat. Enough already! It was 89 degrees today. I suppose I have to change that Halloween picture up there now. I'll get to it...quit pressuring me already! Geez.


Lish said...

Aidan dresses as Superman, but my camera wasn't working. *sigh*

Paige did go TorT'ing with us, but mostly to help out with all the kiddos we had...the daycare kids and their mom went with, so we had 6 kids we needed help wrangling!

Aidan only lasted long enough for the church fest/trunk or treat and then up and down one street then I made him come home since he kept running ahead (though his 'girlfriend', Spiderman, kept holding his hand...dang, I wish I had the camera for that!) then we passed out goodies here.

BTW...89...I'll trade you. They've already uttered the 's' word here for next Tuesday...yes, SNOW. UGH!

LIBSMOM said...

First: Oh, and that house? Should so have been hit with about 6 dozen eggs. And just for good measure, another sign taped right next to theirs that said "Trick or Treat, motherfuckers!" Ha! What a bunch of asshats.
That is why I love you Shelley. Damn funny. DAMN funny and I SO wish I had done that.
Second: The girls look adorable. Bravo for the over use of glitter. Wait! There is no such thing as over use. That would be like saying the over use of...chocolate!
Is that Kylie's real hair? If so, it's gotten long and think! Where is that bald baby of recent past?
It's still hot here too. Care to more to like, north dakota? I will if you will.

LIBSMOM said...

Please pretend I typed "THICK" instead of think. Which, apparently I didn't before I typed.

LIBSMOM said...

ah hell, just disregard my entire comment. It's all fucked up.

Rick said...

Cute little witch you got there.

Jenifer said...

Glad you came over to our little lame neighborhood. As soon as Grace is ready to go in on a group of her own, I'll bring the fire pit to your cul de sac you bring the margaritas!

Shelley said...

Lish, stop teasing me with your snow talk. You do this every year. It's going to be 90 today on the FOURTH of NOVEMBER. Sigh.

Pam, I don't know if I'd actually have the balls to put up that sign, but it would be hilarious.
Yes, that is Kylie's real hair! I remember wondering if she would ever grow hair, and now look at it. It looked even longer that night, because Danni used her straightening iron on it.
And yes, I think we should move to North Dakota. I'm packing right now.

Jen - You've got a deal!