Friday, November 16, 2007

The Christmas Spirit...I'm Trying!

Right about now I'm thinking that I'm glad I didn't sign up for NaBloPoMo. I thought about doing it, but I know what a slacker I am, and I knew I'd screw it up. Maybe next year I'll give it a try.

I've got Oprah on the TV right now. Her "Favorite Things" show is going to be on next Tuesday. I'd love to be in the audience for that show, wouldn't you? They get so much free crap, it's unbelievable.

This post is actually going to be about something that I decided to get Danielle for Christmas. For the past several months, my poor, deprived 15 year-old daughter has been getting ready in the mornings...doing her hair, putting on her makeshift vanity. Which is actually an old rectangular mirror leaning up against the wall in her room, with a towel spread out on the floor in front of it. It looks like this:

I know, pathetic, right? So I've been scouring Craigslist for the past few weeks, looking for something hopefully under $50. Wednesday I saw this listed:

Only $30 for the vanity and the stool, and it has a glass top in case you spill stuff on it, you don't ruin the wicker. Yay! I went and picked it up today. I noticed that the wicker bench has a couple of small holes in it. So I went and picked up one of these:

And some pretty black silky material with red flowers on it:

And if you're thinking that I'm going to say that I'm going to make a pretty cushion for the bench, well, you're WRONG! Because I can't sew anything. I'm going to have my mom make a pretty cushion for the bench. And I'm excited about this, because I think Danni's really going to love it. And it's going to be a complete surprise, she has no idea. I have the vanity stashed at mom's house right now. This is one of the things I do love about Christmas, surprising people. Maybe this will help me get into the proper frame of mind. Well, that and that fact that by next Thursday, the high is only supposed to be in the mid-60s. I really hope the lovely people at are not lying to me, because 65 degrees would make me so happy. You should have seen the dance I did yesterday when it was overcast. Well, actually I'm probably glad you didn't.


Sheri said...

I think I need to check out Craigslist. I like Christmas when I can get something for someone that they want and need. It's the endless commercializm (sp?) and the fact that we encourage our children to "ask" for things that bugs the crap out of me. Ok. I'm off my soapbox now.

Shelley said...

I know what you mean. Just the thought of shopping and spending the money stresses me out totally. And it doesn't help that they start with it even before Halloween. I've always had a rule that you're only allowed to ask Santa for one thing. Because he's got a lot of kids to get stuff for! I only have one Santa-believer anymore, but I do try to set a budget and stick to it. I try.

LIBSMOM said...

SCORE!!! Nice one Shelley. She WILL be surprised. I wish I had your thrifty genes.

onthegomom said...

What a great idea!!!!!!!! My daughter would be so thrilled and she is only 9, but LOVES doing her hair and makeup (playing around and at home only...but still). I might have to steal your idea, but I swear I will give you ALL the credit ;)

Hope Danni loves it!!!!!!

Jenifer said...

I know she is going to love this. Nice find on the foam and fabric. Where did you go for that? Not Wally World I hope.;). If I didn't say it enough yeseterday, thanks for letting me ride out to BFE and back with you.

Shelley said...

Umm...hum...what? Wally World? Um, no...wouldn't go there. Uh uh. I hate that place. Don't tell K, ok? lol

I'm really glad you guys went with me, it's nice to have company when you're driving out to Apache Junction. Plus, we also had Matt to keep us entertained, so that was a bonus. Also, that lady's husband was kinda cute. I still say he was about 25 though.

My Semblance of Sanity said...

Our blogs have similar names....good minds think alike!

Lish said...

Ohhh....score! That's going to look so nice, and who can beat $30!?

Paige has asked for her Varsity coat since she already got her letter for you know how expensive THOSE are? $160 for a plain coat...then another approximately $40 for the embroidery/lettering, etc.

I would say HELL NO, but she needs a coat she knows Santa will most likely be shopping Dollar Tree otherwise this year!

I've been scouring Craigslist for Kenny's present though...he wants a weigh set...much easier to come by than a coat with someone else's name on it. ;)

slouching mom said...

Those are the best kinds of Xmas present ideas, aren't they? The ones that come to you in a flash, that relate to some need you know a loved one has...

Great idea! Great implementation!