Sunday, November 4, 2007

Not a Good Weekend for Football

Friday night, high school team loses big in big rivalry game. We knew they would, since Big Rival school has not lost a game in two years, and has been the state champ two of the past three years, and probably will be again this year. It's getting old, and they're way too cocky. I just want someone to beat them, anyone. Let me just add here, HAMILTON, that when you're up by four touchdowns near the end of the second quarter, going for a two-point conversion instead of just kicking the extra point is completely and totally classless. Just saying. Is it sad that I care this much about high school football? Our team will still be going to the playoffs starting next week...not sure who we're playing yet, though.

Saturday, ASU played Oregon and earned their first loss of the season. I was kind of expecting this, because Oregon is really good, and I think they have a legitimate shot at the national championship game. I'm hoping we can win our last three games (UCLA, USC, and Arizona) and hopefully have a chance at the Rose Bowl. If Oregon goes to the NC game, that's definitely a possibility. Of course, that depends on our team's ability to bounce back from this and win those last three games. C'mon Devils!

Oh, and then...if things weren't bad enough, UCLA goes and LOSES to Arizona! UCLA, I am not impressed. Plus, whenever Arizona wins, I hate that. You know the two favorite teams are ASU and whoever is playing Arizona this week. I was a big UCLA fan yesterday, and they let me down. Of course, since we play them next, I hope they are just as disappointing next Saturday. :)

Colorado lost huge to Missouri yesterday, sorry Honey. But, we're hoping that Colorado will get to come to the Insight Bowl, because we'll be there, and we'd have someone to root for! And this year, I'll remember to bring a warm jacket, instead of just a thin sweatshirt, because the game is outside now, and we won't leave at halftime because we're freezing and we won't miss a huge comeback and overtime win by the team that was down by like, a lot, at halftime. You know, like last year.

If there was one good thing yesterday, it was seeing Nebraska get 76 points scored on them. That was awesome. Since we're Colorado fans, we are, of course, Nebraska haters. Plus, I remember the year that Nebraska ran up the score against ASU, and the final was something like 72-28. 1995, maybe? So plllbbbtttt, Nebraska...what goes around, comes around, even if it is 12 years later. Not that I hold grudges or anything.

And, to complete the weekend, the Cardinals will lose today. I don't even know who they're playing, but I'm predicting a loss. Anyone care to take that bet? ;)


Manic Mom said...

Oh Hey! I've been here before because I remember the photo of your gorgeous daughters, and even though there's FAR TOO MUCH football talk, I still like ya!

Thanks for stopping by Manic's!

onthegomom said...

OMG... we are cosmic twins!!! I TOO LOVE FOOTBALL! Our highschool won their first playoff game on Wednesday and play again on Monday. Last year we came in 2nd in the state! We are hoping for a repeat to the state finals, only this time winning would be cool.

We are Missouri fans (well, my husband is and I have family that lives outside of Columbia), so my husband was happy!

Iowa State (the team I like) has gone to the Insight bowl in the past... must of been 3-5 years ago, I can't remember exactly. I just remember watching it on TV and some of my friends went and it was C-O-L-D!

Now the KC Cheifs and Green Bay game is on, which splits down the middle in the this household. At least half of the house will be happy, right?!?

Fannie Mae said...

Hee! It was MY TEAM that beat the tar out of Nebraska, who I hate as well. Miraculously the girls' High School WON on Friday! They've kinda sucked for so long we can't believe it! But the the Chiefs? Really screwded up today :( Oh and Shelly - I'm changing the name of your link on my blog, sorry - a little slow on the uptake!

Lish said...

You know we're football fans here...not a great weekend, 2 out of 3 of our teams lost.

First, the high school lost their first playoff game 35-13...major loss for us.

And then our Colts suffered their first loss to the big cocky whiney butt Tom Brady. (Yeah, that's my technical speak coming out! ;))

We hate the Patriots...both the New England ones and the 'local' high school rival that has won 7 out of the last 10 state titles...7!!!

The only bright side to the weekend was our Buckeyes winning. ;)

onthegomom said...

Oh Lish... I am right there with you on the "big cocky whiney butt"... funny that is what we call him too. Hate the Patriots... was crushed to see Indy lose :(

Our high school team lost round 2 of the play offs tonight and it wasn't pretty either... we lost bad. It was sad because we won this exact same game last year and it was so much fun. I guess you can't win em' all.

Shelley said...

Hehe...big cocky whiny butt. I'm no Patriots fan for sure, but the guy I most dislike is Teddy Bruschi. He went to the University of Arizona, you know. Nothing good ever came of that!

Found out high school team will be #6 seed and will be playing #11 seed on Friday, a team they have already beaten this year. They may win this game, but if they do, then they will face none other than the same team that knocked them out of the state semi-finals last year. And we're not as good as we were last year. I predict we lose in the second round too.