Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Dear Santa

There is just one thing I would like for Christmas. I mean, besides well-behaved children, a sympathetic and romantic husband, and a clean house. I'm trying to be realistic. What I really, really want, is my very own Eddie Letekka. I don't think that's asking too much, do you?

Thanks Santa. You're the best!
Love, Shelley


Jenifer said...

Can I borrow him once in a while? I don't want to make Matt jealous, so it would just be for a short while.

I thought we were going to find out what he and Hannah had to tell Nick this week. Teasers.

drawer queen said...

Who is this? I could google him but will just ask you instead!! I feel so out of it!

LIBSMOM said...

yeah, who is this guy? And why do you want him so much? What's he got that Steve doesn't? Bwahahahahahha!!!

Shelley said...

Jen - I don't mind sharing once in a while, especially since you got me hooked on this show! :)

Queenie and Pam - The picture is an actor, Geoff Stults, who plays a character named Eddie Letekka on the show October Road. If he looks a bit familiar, he had a part on 7th Heaven. He played the brother of the police officer that Lucy was married to. His character on that show was Ben Kenkirk, and he was a firefighter who was involved with Mary for a little while. The actor who played Lucy's husband was/is (is it still on the air?) George Stults, and they are brothers in real life. Isn't he adorable? (drool)

As for what he's got that Steve doesn't? Um, I don't have that much time, gotta get these kids off to school. lol

Sheri said...

Me too, Santa! Me too!

Lish said...

I hope the elves made duplicates, since that's what Santa's already bringing me! ;)

Stacie said...


I am sorry but he is already on my list but maybe we can share. :)