Thursday, May 1, 2008

Word of the Day

Today's word of the day is:

dehoochify [dee-hoo-chi-fahy] (v) def: To make oneself appear less like a hoochie.

Language of origin, unknown.

Correct usage in sentence:

After getting out of the car, Danni stopped to pull her shorts down out of her butt crack, saying, "Wait a sec, Mom...I have to dehoochify myself."

In other news, Kylie learned a new term today too. That term is "Talent Show." As in,

"Mom, Mimi says I have to be in a talent show."

Since Mimi is the Awana leader, I'm assuming that this has something to do with Awana (Wednesday night kid church thing). Kylie proceeds to tear her toybox apart, looking for her "talent."

She's looking for costumes, ballet shoes, and making a gigantic mess in the process. She's doing this as I'm trying to get ready for work, cook two dinners (mine and theirs), fold that last load of laundry, load the dishwasher, and keep some semblence of straightness to the house.

"Mom! I have to find my talent!"

Hmmm. I love you kiddo, but does driving me crazy count as a talent? Because if it totally win the prize, sweetie.


Fannie Mae said...

No Shelley my love; my children already have the Olympic Gold for "standing on my last freaking nerve".

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Unfortunately, I may have to use the word dehoochify on a pair of shorts Social Butterfly doesn't want to part with!

Mary said...

Why is it that I immediately knew what dehoochify meant? oh dear.

That must be my talent... knowing teen words.

Hope Kylie finds hers!

Greta said...

Bloggy perfection. Must admit, I read it wrong. I was thinking "doocheify" which would be a Whole Nutha topic.

Jen said...

I can't get the image of Danni dehoochifying her self out of my mind and Kylie bent over her toy box looking for her talent...priceless!!

onthegomom said...

I am sad to say that I knew exactly what dehoochify meant, too. I've been around teens for way to long!

My daughter had "beach day" today.. what FUN! You know, running around the house looking for BEACH STUFF to wear to school. She ripped my effing house apart... but she looked cute.