Friday, May 23, 2008

This is...May?

Ok, I know you're all sick of me talking about the weather, but this is just plain weird. Strange. Insane. You get the idea.

So on Tuesday, you read about me bitching that it hit 110 on Monday, which rarely happens in May. We usually save that for the end of June.

Yesterday, we had a storm come through, and it rained most of the afternoon and evening. This is the first time in 7 years that we've had even a drop of rain in the entire month of May. May and June are normally our driest months. May and June are what people are talking about when they say "It's a dry heat" here. And get this...not only did it rain here, and drop down into the FIFTIES....but it SNOWED in Flagstaff. Snowed. On May 22nd. In Arizona.

The high today is only supposed to be 69. The normal high for today is about 98 degrees. And it will be 100 by next week. But for right now, this is HEAVEN. For once, I am not bitching about the weather. I am going to enjoy every single minute of today and tomorrow, before it starts heating up again.

The only person that's not happy right now is Danni. Because yesterday was the day that we had planned to go get her driver's license. And we went down there after school, and they weren't doing any road testing because it was raining. To say she was a little bit of an understatement.

The forecast is calling for intermittent showers this morning, with possible thunderstorms again this afternoon/evening. But it's not raining right now, and I even see a little sun poking out. There are three days of school left, and I promised her that if it wasn't raining this morning, we'd go down to the MVD first thing. All she's going to miss is her dance class.

Cross your fingers for her that the rain holds off this morning, at least for a little while. I'm not sure I want to be around her if she is denied again today. It could get ugly.


Greta said...

Fingers crossed.

BTW, "Chad" is up.

Jen said...

You haven't called back. Did she pass??? I'm loving this weather.

Shelley said...

Unfortunately, the weather was not cooperating again. And because of the Memorial Day holiday, now we have to wait until Tuesday. I have one unhappy teenager on my hands. I wish she could see that in the grand scheme of things, it's only four days. But disappointing, nonetheless.

Lish said...

They cancel driving tests for RAIN? Ah, you silly southwesterners. ;)

I turned 16 in November, got my driver's licens in January or Ohio. I think there was a foot of snow/ice on the road.

But alas...BTW, Paige is now saying she isn't getting her license. She has people to drive her around and she can bike and walk. Yeah, like it has nothing to do with the $4.19 a gallon gas prices. HA! But you won't catch me arguing. The longer I can keep her from behind the wheel, the more content I can be.

Shelley said...

I know, right? Steve informed me that in Colorado, he took his driver's test in a snowstorm. I have no idea what's up with the people here. Are you guys really at $4.19 a gallon? It's like $3.80 here, and I'm having a stroke over that. Oh well, at least Danni just got a job so she can pay for her own frickin' gas. lol I'm sure that will be my next post. Hopefully, driver's license and job all in one week. :)

Lish said...

Yep, $4.19 and ever climbing. :(