Wednesday, May 14, 2008

We're Going to the Zoo, Zoo, Zoo

Yesterday, through some meteorological miracle, we were blessed with a very, very nice day. Never mind that it's going to be 100 by the weekend. Yesterday was so beautiful, and cool, and breezy and overcast, that I knew something had to be done outdoors. I suggested the park to Jen, she counter-suggested the zoo. She was right, of course. This may be our last chance before we're sweltering until mid-November.

Our zoo is located in a larger area called Papago Park. Papago Park has a lot of buttes, the Botanical Gardens, ponds, and picnic areas as well as the zoo. This particular butte will be recognizable to anyone who lives here. We locals call it Hole-in-the-Rock. Because you see, there's a hole...up there in the rock. Hey, we never claimed to be original, nor particularly creative.

I took this picture when we came out of the zoo at around 12:30pm. By then the sun had come out. However, when we got there at 8:30am, it was overcast and cloudy. Jen and Grace weren't going to be there until around 9am when the zoo opened, so I decided to take Kylie for a hike up to Hole-in-the-Rock.

Now, I know it looks like you wouldn't be able to get up there without ropes and climbing hooks and such, but around the back there is a very nice trail, and even some stairs that someone built in to get up there to the hole.

This is the view standing up in that hole. In the upper left quadrant of the picture, you can barely make out a teeny-tiny blue ball. That is actually a statue with a globe on it, and that's the entrance to the zoo. Actually, if you click on the picture, it's bigger and much easier to see the globe.

Kylie had never been up to Hole-in-the-Rock before. I made her stand at the top there for a picture. Of course, since it was overcast and there was little light, it came out as a silhouette, which I thought looked pretty cool.

Besides, when you add a little light, you can actually see her expression. I have no idea what that look was all about.

It's fun to climb around on the rocks up there inside the cave...

But believe it or not, it was kind of cold up there for someone in only shorts and a t-shirt, and 0% body fat. "Mom, can we go down to the zoo now? I'll bet Gracie is here now!"

The first thing we did inside the zoo was attend a little show they had called "Animal Encounters." Kylie decided she needed to do a little dancing while we were waiting for the show to start.

This is a little tiny amphitheatre, and you get to see the animals very close-up. They showed us an owl...

...and a very pretty macaw.

Then came this iguana, which I did not care for at all. They also brought out a rather large boa constrictor, which I couldn't even look at, let alone take a picture of. You are therefore spared a picture of said snake. You don't need to thank me.

I would not make a good mom of boys. Reptiles, amphibians and fish are not things that I care to be within 100 feet of.

This guy was called a coati, I think. He was kinda cute.

After the show, we made our way up to where the tigers and lions are. I couldn't believe how many animals were actually out and active. I think they were enjoying the weather too. I love Bengal tigers. Jen has two really beautiful pictures of the tiger in her post. She has a better zoom than I do. :)

This is the king. Don't you just want to call him Simba?

Of course, you can't have Simba without Pumba. This guy made me think of that line, "They call me, Mister Pig!"

Ok, I know I always make comparisons between Kylie and a baboon, but come on. Tell me you can't see the resemblance.

Lunchtime! Does that mean it's time to eat? Of course not. That means it's time to feed all the food that mom brought with her and has been carrying around to the ducks and the birds. One of the birds actually caught a goldfish cracker that she threw in mid-air. Now that would have been a good picture.

I'm not sure what mama orangutan is looking at, but I'm pretty sure that's what I look like when I'm giving a kid the stink-eye.

Near the end in the Arizona trail, two little baby prairie dogs share a piece of broccoli. How cute is that?

Grace climbed on the frog statue...

...while Kylie decided to go wading, about 30 seconds after I told her to stay out of the water. At least she had the sense to take her shoes off. I should get that orangutan to give her the stink-eye.

I'm so glad we took this trip out to the zoo yesterday. The weather just couldn't have been any nicer, and it was a lot of fun. Thanks Jen!


Fannie Mae said...

I miss the zoo, we hardly go anymore. Glad you had a nice day.

Lish said...

That Kylee and baboon comparison pics...OMG...we (as in my kids that are standing over my shoulder) laughing our rear ends off over here!

Mary said...

My Gracie and I are headed to the zoo soon. One of these days very soon! We are ready for some fun just like you had!

I love the photos! So nice! Hole in the rock looks awesome!

Glad you had a great day for an outing!

Jen said...

Thanks for letting us use your pass to get in. I really enjoyed the zoo this tim.

Ky and the Orangutan....too funny.

Jen said...

Opps I meant the baboon.

Greta said...

Sorry, late to the zoo party. Pumba was my favorite. I spent my day at the Hands-On Museum. Translation, we will all be sick this week. Fo sho!

Precious said...


Your girls are beautiful! We love the Zoo too and will probably go a little more frequently when our grandaughter is a little older. We are members at the Desert Botanical Gardens so we go there a lot.

BTW, I answered your comment on my blog about essential and non essential. There will be more to come!

Stefanie said...

Hilarious! Great minds think alike. Babies, kids, monkeys!!