Thursday, May 29, 2008

Two Milestones

Today, on Danni's first day of summer break, she got to take two more tests. The first one was for a food handler's card. She was hired at Applebee's as a hostess last Saturday, and she is starting work this Saturday. One of the requirements is that she obtain a food handler's card. I'm happy to report that she passed with flying colors, only missing two questions on the 25 question test. In fact, she thinks she's all bad right now, because when I had to get a food handler's card last fall to work at the concession stand at the high school football games, I missed three questions on the test. Say kiddo, do you think maybe you did so well because I told you about the questions that tripped me up, and told you the key words to watch for? Yeah. You're welcome.

After she got her food handler's card, we headed to the MVD for her driver's test. I'm happy to report that she also passed this one. Not so much because she can now legally drive without me, but because I really didn't want to spend the rest of the day in the same house with her if she didn't pass it...if you know what I mean. And if you have a teenager, I know you know what I mean.

Shannon was nice enough to stay home with Kylie while we did these things this morning. Thank you, was much less stressful this way.

Apparently, Danni had promised Shannon that as soon as she got her license, the two of them would go to Starbucks to celebrate with an icy cream frappacino thing, or whatever it is that they get there. The things with no coffee that are kind of like milkshakes. Steve gets free $5 giftcards to Starbucks at work all the time, and since he doesn't drink coffee and neither do I, he gives them to the girls.

I thought it would be nice if they took Kylie with them, because she'd been stuck in the house all morning too. Shannon was not happy about this. I did not care. I made them take her.

So here I sit, all by myself in the house, with all three of my children driving around in one car, without me. I try not to let myself think of the horrible implications of a single accident for that car. Dwelling on that would make me crazy. So I won't. Besides, they can use all residential streets to get to Starbucks. In fact, we're almost out of milk, and there's a Basha's right next to Starbucks, so I gave D some extra money and told her to get us some milk too. I think maybe I'm starting to see the advantage in this.

There they are, at the end of our street, driving away...without me. The funny part is I just now got a phone call from Danni's phone, but it was Shannon. I said,

"Please don't tell me you've been in an accident already."

"No, Danni just told me to call you and tell you that we're at Basha's and that we're fine."

They know me so well.

Please be careful, baby. That's some precious cargo you're carrying around. And I'm not just talking about your little sisters.


Anonymous said...

Them getting older sure does have it's advantages. Though I could do without the puberty crap, I do like being able to go out and leave the buds with Megan now. :)

As for Starbucks, I like coffee, so I get my little $2.41 Misto (coffee with steamed milk), seems so simple. Then everyone else wants their thing. Daric's $4.50 "Venti Tazo Chai Latte" could be simple enough, however it becomes a "whole milk with 7 pumps." Megan wants the $4.50 Vanilla Bean Cream, and the boys want a Strawberry cream thing that costs $4.50, but I have them split that into 3 cups.

Darn, that gets expensive.

kiki said...

I think we are twins girl. I've got a 14 and 16 year old. I'm 39. And you and I have hot legs.

Tell your girl never trust a blinker.

Jen said...

I'm so glad that you are going thru this before me. Novemeber can take forever to get here for one reason. I want the cooler temps here now, but not ready for a driver yet. Tell Dani Congrats and that I'll give her a week at her new job before her mother and I come in and drink in the bar ane watch her "host". She'll be the Hostess with the mostess!

Lish said...

Congrats to Dani!

Fannie Mae said...

Oh lordy it's scary stuff. Once she gets six months under her belt you'll feel better.

Mary said...

I know how you feel! Ahhhhh, they are gone! Alone! Independant!

Whoa, wait.... yikes!!!

Yeah, I know that too well. Good luck, hun.

LIBSMOM said...

ok, what the hell? That post should have come with a warning. Typically, your posts aren't all mushy and full of girly sentiment but your last line brought tears to my eyes. Damn you woman!