Sunday, June 1, 2008

That About Sums It Up

I was at Barnes and Noble on Friday because I wanted to pick up a book for a friend's birthday. It's in the humor section, titled Porn for Women. Go ahead, you can look. It's not what you think, but it sure is funny.

If you know someone that's going to have a baby, and they also have a good sense of humor, this would make a terrific shower gift: Porn for New Moms. You can look at that one too. Really, it's ok. And give it to her before the baby know, before she loses that great sense of humor. I wonder if I'll get extra hits on my blog now, because I'm writing about women and porn?

Attention Internet Perverts: If you are reading this blog because you Googled "Women" and "Porn", please leave a comment. I'm dying to know.

While I was browsing in the humor section, looking for the porn book, (because finding out the author and therefore being able to find it quickly would take all the fun out of browsing now, wouldn't it?) I saw another book called Too Old for MySpace, Too Young For Medicare.

I'm pleased that someone has finally written a long-overdue biography on me. I'll be at Barnes and Noble next Friday at 10am for storytime, if you'd like your copy autographed.


Mary said...

LOL!!! Love the books and I'd never heard of them!

I just ordered 4 books on amazon this morning, wish I would have read your blog first! I would have ordered some Porn!

Jen said...

I was directed here after googling Porn for Women....Toby will be so excited! J/K..I hope she liked the book as much as you and I did.

Greta said...

TOTALLY how I found you! Also googlig Orangutan/monkey sex. ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh MAN!! Here I was all excited to see some porn and I ended up here! LOL! Good to know you are famous not only for your internet porn blog but also because of your cutting wit and that you are too old for myspace;) KLM