Tuesday, June 3, 2008

It's The World Series, Baby

More to the point, it's the College World Series. Well, even more to the point, it's the Women's College World series.

If you follow college sports, you may be aware that the boys are heading to their super-regionals, to see who will go to Omaha to fight for the national championship.

But did you know that tonight, in Oklahoma, my girls (and by "my", I mean it's my alma mater, we love softball, support the team, have been to a few games this year and I know most of the girls' names and positions. Oh, and most importantly, I'm wearing an ASU Softball t-shirt right now) are playing for the national championship. They've cruised through the national championship tournament without a loss. The final is best 2 out of 3 games.

Last night, they beat Texas A&M for win #1 in the championship series. If they win tonight, they are the NCAA national champs! I'm so pissed that I'm at work and can't watch the game. I'm recording it though, because I don't want to miss seeing those girls celebrate their first ever national title.

If you've never watched a college softball game, you should. They're fun! The game is on ESPN 2 at 5pm Pacific. Cheer for my team!

Go Devils!


Donna Lee said...

Hi Shelly,
think success is such a personal thing. I think sometimes that just having my three girls grow into adulthood and not be on drugs and into other life destroying habits is a major success. Not only that, they are funny and wonderful. We are a house full of estrogen and my poor husband has had to suffer all these years. I think that's why he likes his power tools so much. Nothing says testosterone than something with a motor!
I'll cheer for your team but I can't watch. I have no tv. We gave it away because no one watched it.

Shelley said...

House full of estrogen here, totally! Poor, suffering husband, check. Sometimes I even feel sorry for him. Well, not really, but I pretend I do. He's probably reading this too. Hi Honey!

Fannie Mae said...

Go Girls! Did they win?

pnkzepp said...

ASU....National Champs!!!! 11-0 last night. Yeah, I am reading. I love the "pity" on me. Love you too honey! Mean it! One day I will find where you ladies hid my "jewels", then take them back. Wait...I don't want them anymore. I know when to accept defeat....:)

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I miss our softball days--and women's college softball totally rocks.