Thursday, June 5, 2008

Dear God

Are you there God? Its me, the insane, stressed out mother of an adolescent girl Shelley. (I know, really original, right?)

I get that this is a rough time for her. Her body is changing, her hormones are raging. I get that she has to struggle through this on her own to become stronger. Like the bird breaking out of the egg on her own, and all that.

But why, God...why do I have to suffer too? Why does all this struggle have to come with the ugliest attitude since Cinderella's stepsisters? It's not making me stronger, it's making me angry and bitter. It's not giving me patience, it's giving me gray hair.

The absolute self-centeredness is making me tired. It's like the terrible twos/threes all over again, but with that attitude. Working for money is an old, antiquated concept, I know, but she's going to have to get over it. And what is with the eyerolling? What would possess anyone to believe that it is ok to roll their eyes and deep sigh me, ignore me, then turn around and ask me for $40 to go to the waterpark five minutes later? Was 13 really this bad with the oldest one? I don't remember. I think I've blocked it out.

God, I have a little request for you. It's a small one, but I know You can do anything, so here goes. When the small fry gets to be 11 years old, can we just jump forward in time to age 15? Can we just skip the whole 11-14 with her? Because, Lord, I don't think I have the strength, or the intestinal fortitude, or the brain cells left to go through this a third time.

Thank you.

P.S. If You could somehow fix it so I didn't have to sit through Kung Fu Panda at some point this summer, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks again.


Fannie Mae said...

Tell her either she gets a job or SHE has to tak small fry to "Kung Fu Panda". Win/Win! ;)

Greta said...

I'm getting I have about 5 years 'til the shizzle hits the fan.

Shelley said...

Fannie - 13 is probably a bit too young for a job. I should have been clearer on that...I was expecting her to actually work around the house to earn the money to go to the waterpark. As in, I have to work for my money, so you're going to work for yours. My 16 year-old actually does have a job. Yay. :)

Using taking the small fry to the movie as a punishment is a great idea though, because she'd hate every minute of it. My oldest would have fun taking her little sister to the movies, I think.

Greta - Yep. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm about to die from the pre-teen thing going on here! That's why I decided to send her off to public school and give up on the homeschooling. I couldn't deal with it 24/7, and I think she needs to be away from me a bit more!

And, now I have to let go, because we joined the pool and she's meeting people who I've never met before. It's a scary world out there... for me, not for her! I can't protect her! Haha.

I make D do the kid movies! I cannot stand them! I think the last one I did was Rugrats and said "Never Again!" I actually went to Cars or something like that with automobiles, but sat outside and read my book. :p

Diesel said...

Ugh. That doesn't sound like a good time. And I'm with you on Kung Fu Panda. It looks like shite.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

My daughter is struggling with the idea that bad attitude = no phone. One would think it wasn't such a hard concept to grasp.

Lish said...

And it's not just girls...I remember thinking girls were so bad, and my boy was so sweet...HA! They're ALL just rotten.

It's really ironic, because I just gave Kenny $5 to eat out with his buddy's today, yet he can't ride his bike 3 blocks to the library and pick up a DVD that I had on reserve that HE wanted to see in the first place.

Anonymous said...

I seem to remember the same laments (over Diet Coke at McDonalds) about Danni and look how good that's going now! She'll get through it and so will you - kicking all the way! And when Ky gets there you will have the two older sisters to help through the transition....and the insanity. And if all else fails, send Ky to their house for the weekend! KLM

Mary said...

You'll make it! And then you'll have amnesia before you have to go through it again. I'm so glad we are past that ugly stage of adolescence. You are so right, it's terrible two all over again. Terrible Two, but taller.

LIBSMOM said...

Shannon=Ian Ian=Shannon. I feel your pain, you know I do.
Hey, top this: Ian, forgot my birthday completely. Not a wish, a hey fuck you on your birthday, nothing.

Cowboy, Kids, and Sunsets said...

Thank you!! I too have a teenager! Argh! And I don't understand how they go from crying to mean in .3 seconds! They have no problem asking for what they want but, feel no need to do what we ask them to do! Oh good maybe it is a stage! So good to hear I'm not going nuts!!