Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Hummingbird Quest

For the past couple of weeks, Kylie's Pre-K class has been talking about insects and birds. Kylie seems to have taken a particular interest in hummingbirds. Actually, she's sort of...um...obsessed.

So when I discovered that a park near us had a hummingbird habitat, I asked Jen and K if they wanted to go. They humored me enthusiastically said they would love to go! Besides, it was a chance for Jen to practice her photography skills, and for me to see if I actually had any.

We arrived at the hummingbird habitat.

It has a desert landscape, and things that you would think would be conducive to hummingbirds. Like trees...

A little pond with a waterfall...

Cute kids...hey wait, how'd that get in there?

And of course, flowers.

Maybe this is not quite so conducive to the hummingbirds appearing. I have it on good authority that K was behind me, making a funny face.

Or this...

Hmmph. Where are they?

And then finally...we see one! There it is!

What do you mean, where? It's right there.

Aye, there's the little bugger.

Quest completed. Time to head to the playground.

But playing on the playground gets hot pretty quickly. Good thing we brought swimming suits for the splash pad!

Ok, I'm just going to get a little wet...

Or maybe a lot.

I think I'll be pensive for a minute.

(pic taken by Jen)

Ok, back in the water!

(This is my favorite picture, and it was taken by Jen also.) Thanks Jen!


Anonymous said...

Love the GREAT pic of Kylie at the end...all the kids had lots of fun. Thanks for including Gabe and I. Oh, and FYI....LOTS of chlorine in the water pad water!

See ya

LIBSMOM said...

you both took great pictures! Kylie sure is getting big but somehow, I knew that was going to happen.
I just finished reading your CVS post too. I don't know how you keep up with it all but damn, you're good Shelley!!

Greta said...

Um...I wanna live in the place where the hummingbirds live. Do they have honeybuns there?

Jen said...

Your welcome. It's easy to take good photos when your subject is so cute!

Anonymous said...

I think all pre-k classes are on the same curriculum. It's a borg conspiracy. :p They will all be assimilated. Cory and Eric have been bringing home butterflies crafts.

Mary said...

Great photos! We get a hunmmingbird in our back yard every now and again. But we don't have a splash pool or any of that great fun stuff. They are pretty neat birds! Good job catching one with the camera! That's awesome! I love the pensive moment pic of Kylie!

onthegomom said...

I love, love, love that last photo of Kylie! So very cute!!!!!

Mary said...

I have to tell you this because I knew you'd be the most excited....

My daughter isn't working at Hollister anymore! She got a job at David's Bridal. Yay!