Saturday, April 26, 2008

Sweet Sixteen

No, not hers, but she attended a friend's Sweet 16 party last night. Her birthday was about three weeks ago, although since we just got her the car over the weekend, it seems more like she actually had a 16th birthday now. On her actual birthday, there really wasn't much. There was some money, and lunch and shopping with my mom, per tradition. A homemade cake, and dinner at a restaurant. There was no party though. Am I a horrible mom for not throwing her a Sweet 16 party, or are our expectations just so overblown by stupid crap like My Super Sweet Sixteen (which should be illegal, in my opinion, it's so disgusting). It's not like she asked for a big party, or any party at all for that matter. I'm just feeling a bit guilty that there was no party. I mean, 16 is a big deal, right?

It's over now, and she did get a car that she's quite happy with, so I guess I should just let it go. Why is guilt such a big part of being a mom? You always wonder if you're not doing enough, or if you're doing too much. Am I doing it right, or am I getting it totally wrong? What is she really doing when she's "out with her friends?" I mean, you hope they're making good choices, but you never really know for sure. Everything seems this point, my 16 year-old and I are getting along wonderfully. I really enjoy her most of the time. So why is there always this nagging feeling? Am I the only one that drives myself crazy thinking of the ifs and the buts and the whats?

Oh, and I still say that 13 year-olds should be locked away from the rest of society. We should put them all together by themselves and just let them snot fight it out. The attitude...oh Lord, the attitude. This too shall pass, right? Right??

Here's Danni dressed up to go to her friend's party last night. I may be a tiny bit biased, but I think she looked beautiful.


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

She looks great.

Boys? They don't really ever want parties.

LIBSMOM said...

First of all, yes you are doing it quite right. If you don't feel completely guilty and totally inept, you're not being a good mother.
And can I agree with you any more about the 13-14 year olds? No, I couldn't agree any more and if you give me the name of that deserted island, I'll book Ian on it pronto. Hate hate hate this stage.
And can we talk about 6 year olds? Or is the topic too upsetting? Holy crap what were we thinking? LOL
Good thing they're cute.
She looks amazing shelley. You and Steve? You procreate good. :)

onthegomom said...

She does look beautiful!!!!!!!

I agree that most 13-15ish year olds should be locked away and let the strongest My oldest is 18 now and I actually LIKE him. Of course,I love all my kids but sometimes I don't LIKE them. But I think with boys, 18 is the magic age they get their brain back. So there is hope for my 14 year old... at least that is what I am telling myself!

Anniepants927 said...

I will always think of Dani as my cute little 4th grade student, but she IS SUCH A PRETTY young lady!

Greta said...

She objectively looks great. No worries. I want that dress (never mind it would look ridonkulous on me!!!)


Fannie Mae said...

We just sent ours to a restaurant with half a dozen friends and showed up to pay the bill. The big parties are right up there with cell phones for ten year olds and limos for prom. And she does look pretty.

Lish said...

She looks beautiful.

They don't do big Sweet 16 parties here...the big thing is quinceneras (at 15), but we're basically 'excused' from that since it's a Hispanic thing. (I'm right there with the cell phones for little kids, tvs in their room, etc, way!)

And can I send Kenny into that locked room with Shannon? Well, maybe you wouldn't want him locked in a room with your daughter, but the same sentiment is there, let me tell you!