Sunday, April 13, 2008

Working a 12-Hour Shift On a Sunday

I've been here in this cubicle since 8am. Well, mostly in this cubicle. I've been to the restroom down the hall several times, and to the kitchen a couple of times. But mostly I've been right here at the desk.

It's 4:45pm. After almost 9 hours alone in an office, your mind can start to wander. A bit.

4:45pm - The air-conditioner sure does make a strange noise down there. Wow, I'm so glad there's air-conditioning. Mostly I take a/c for granted, but there was this one time when we first moved into this office a couple of years ago that the a/c was out one weekend while they were doing some wiring. It only got up to about 95 degrees in here, no biggie. Cuz it was 110 outside. I think I nearly died.

4:47pm - I wonder if anyone on my blogroll has updated. No? Wow, because it's been like 35 minutes since I checked last. Why yes, I do know what Google reader is. Why don't I use it? Um...I have no idea. I should probably look into that.

4:48pm - *BUZZ* What the hell was that? Oh, it's the phone...
"Customer Support, this is Shelley..." work work work, blah blah blah.

4:55pm - Hmmm, I should probably check the customer support inbox. Nope, nothing there. You mean people don't sit around emailing customer support on Sundays? Huh.

4:56pm - Going back to Pioneer Woman's blog. That chicken spaghetti sure does look tasty. Gonna try making that this week. *adding onions to the grocery list* That woman makes some yummy-looking food. I wonder why she doesn't weigh 400 lbs? She's totally normal weight-looking, and she cooks all that awesome food. I want to start calling my kids "punks." Would everyone call me a copycat if I did?

4:59pm - Ohh, I should check my own email. Haven't done that for at least 15 minutes. Oh hey, someone finally commented on that video of Kylie whacking herself in the head and laughing. Hi Kirsten!

5:00pm - I wonder what my family is doing. I work a 12-hour shift, and no one even calls me. They were going to make homemade pizza for dinner. Wonder if that will get done? Wonder if Kylie is driving everyone nuts? I wonder what time Danni finally got out of bed?

5:02pm - Tried to call home, got no answer. Tried Steve's cell phone. Apparently he took D over to Pizza Place to drop off a job application, then she wants to go to Payless. Oh, she has her own money still? Ok, then. The shoe gene must be recessive. It didn't show up in me, but I guess I must have passed it along. Come to think of it, that holds true for the shopping gene, the makeup gene, and the clothes gene too. Maybe all that stuff is grouped together on one gene. And don't tell me it's on the second "X" chromosome either. I am female. I think. Three babies came out of me, anyway. On the other hand, that may no longer be a defining factor.

5:07pm - I should check the CVS ad again, to make sure there's nothing I missed. Nope, there's really nothing this week, unless you use Benefiber or Gas X. Hmmm. Maybe we should use Gas X. Hey, Walgreen's has Crest for $1.50 this week, and I have $1 coupons. 50 cent tubes of Crest, yay.

5:08pm - I'm really kind of lame.

5:08:30 - Hey, I just remembered that I was in the middle of watching Kite Runner on a movie/tv link website. The audio was lagging behind the video though, and it was getting annoying. Perhaps that's why I forgot I was watching it.

5:11pm - Hey, a new email! Oh...spam.

5:15pm - Ooooo, new post on one of my favorite blogs. These two chicks crack me up.

5:20pm - Have you ever thought about walking around to other people's cubicles and just say...moving one thing on their desk, just to see if they'd notice? No, I haven't either.

5:23pm - Hey, I wonder if Manic Mommy has posted anything new? Nah, she's still upset about her boyfriend, Michael Johns.

5:24pm - We had our bowling league last night. Steve and I bowl with another couple that we are friends with. We bowl every other Saturday. You know, because every Saturday would just be too taxing. My games were 186, 183, and 195. Yeah, I'm a decent bowler, for a girl. Just one of my many two talents.

5:28pm - Wow, I just killed a whole 45 minutes with my random ramblings. If I did that a few more times, it'd be time to go home. Don't worry though...I wouldn't do that to ya.

Edited to add: Look at the time stamp, it says I posted at 4:43pm. That's dumb. That's not when I posted the entry, that's when I started writing it. Why doesn't the post time say the time you actually posted? Weird.


Greta said...

It's like we'er the same person! I can't figure out who PW and Mr. PW don't weigh eleventy gillion pounds either.

Greta said...

I meant "we're" 'cuz "we'er" would just be weird.

Anonymous said...

Hey at least you didn't have to do laundry all day....I say that because it would be waaaay more boring, but you could acomplish something at work that you would be doing at home (and get paid for it woohoo!)...maybe you should talk to management about ways they can make your life easier...nah bad idea 'cuz then you would have to lug that laundry to work UGH (besides everyone would see your dirty laundry ;) ) KLM

LIBSMOM said...

I sort of like this streaming blogging!! I got s sense of what you really get paid to do Shel! Watch movies, read blogs (hopefully mine included) and look for shopping deals. Sweet Gig.
And I hate you for bowling 186. Before Agnes took over my life and I bowled with the Liquid Lunch Broads, my very best game was 132. Suckage, in other words. You ARE a good bowler.
What other deals did you find on the net? I need to be more like you and make my money work for me instead of just lighting it on fire and flushing it down the shitter.

Shelley said...

Yeah, it's a tough job, but someone's got to do it. Heh. Actually, since we're a 24/7 operation, someone has to be there, but sometimes it's just not all that busy. Which is nice for me!

As for the deals...I'm trying to learn how to work the CVS Extra Care Bucks programs, and I've been couponing for a while now. I have another blog about it...if you want to look at it, it's here:

Mary said...

I should "let you" do some of my homework! That would keep you super busy! I'm avoiding it right now. My brain is fried.

You could always play Deal or No Deal online. That's kinda fun in a time wasting way.

I hope Manic gets over her heartache soon, how dare that little Micheal Johns break her heart like that!