Saturday, December 1, 2007

I Am a Sun Devil

This morning Danni and I braved the wind and the sporadic sprinkles to go to a local high school and watch the annual Battle of the Bands. ASU's band and U of A's band both play their shows, and believe it or not the stands on the one side of the field were pretty much full. It was fun and set the tone for the game tonight.
ASU WINS! No pity for the kitty! Arizona goes down again! WOOHOO!

Ok, so it wasn't really pretty, but in this game it doesn't even matter. We won, period. Did you know that this rivalry game is the oldest longest one in college football, dating back to 1899? Well, you do now.

Here's a quick joke I read on someone else's blog, and I am so stealing it:

Q: How do you make Arizona Wildcat cookies?
A: It's a trick can't! You can't get Arizona into a bowl. BAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Do you like how I do all my trash-talking AFTER the game is over?

So we're not sure yet where ASU goes post-season...could be the Fiesta Bowl, or the Holiday Bowl. Either way, the Territorial Cup is in its rightful place, in Tempe.

As you know, I went to a few games this year, the last one being the Homecoming game against Cal where I went and played in the alumni marching band. Because I AM A SUN DEVIL. And just because I love this so much, I'm putting it on here. This is what they play on the big screen every game before the team comes out. For the Cal game, I actually got to stand on the field and watch it up on the screen. Awesome.


Congratulations on a great season, guys!


Lish said...

Not THE oldest, as I know OSU and Michigan dates back to 1897...I think there are quite a few topping that out in the Northeast too....but I digress. ;)

Everything was so close this year, I'm all confused as to where everyone is standing for bowl games and that was on my list to research this morning.

Shelley said...

Well, last night during the game the kept refering to it as the oldest...something. Intra-state rivalry maybe? You're right about the first OSU/Michigan meeting being in 1897, so I'm not sure what they were talking about it being the oldest of. I'll figure it out though, dang it.

It was a crazy, crazy year in college football. #1 Missouri went down last night, as did #2 West Virginia, so OSU is right back up there somewhere, they may still be in the national championship game! :) The bowl selection thingy is on TV tonight, I think.

Shelley said...

Ok, I may have figured this out. OSU did play Michigan in 1897 and up until 1912, but then they didn't play each other for several years after that. Maybe what they were saying last night is it's the longest rivalry, since ASU/U of A have played each other every year since 1899. ??

Lish said...

Either way...:-P

And yes, we're back in the BCS! YAY!

Shelley said...

Hey, not just the BCS, but the National Championship game, baby! Go OSU! :)