Sunday, October 28, 2007

ASU vs. Cal, Homecoming 2007

Yesterday was homecoming for ASU. Since I used to be in the band, I decided to go and play in the alumni band this year. I haven't done this since BK (Before Kylie), so the last time I went was 6 years ago. The alumni band not only goes to the game and plays in the stands but we march (yes, MARCH) the pre-game show. Fight song, national anthem, alma mater, etc, while MARCHING on the football field. Ok, sometimes standing still and sometimes marching. I have had so many people say to me, "You mean you guys actually march, on the field?" Yes, we do! And let me tell you, that marching-and-playing-at-the-same-time stuff is easy to do when you're 19, but let's just say I am sore this morning! I'm really glad I went though, because I saw a few old friends and had a great time, and the game was AMAZING!

We had a marching rehearsal in the morning at 9am yesterday that lasted until 11:30am, where we learned the show. Yes, we're so good, we can learn a whole show in 2 1/2 hours. I met three sax players that were about 10 years younger than me, who had attended the same high school my daughter now goes to! That was fun, and they were cool kids. After marching practice was over, we pretty much had the afternoon to ourselves, as the game was in the evening. Here are some of the people that I partied with all afternoon had lunch with (read: the "older" crowd, were in the band in the 80s, like me. People I actually knew back then.)

Here is the entire alumni band warming up on the steps of the Student Services building before heading over to the stadium. We had 230 people playing this year! There weren't too many people from my four years in band there, most were more recent (within the last 10 years) grads, but there were some of us older folks there too. One guy in the sax section was in the band from '69-'73. He didn't look that old! There was one sax player, some girl that was only out a couple of years, graduated in '05, or something. She was all snotty and trying to tell us all what to do. She was one of those band geeks (unlike me, who was a cool person who just happened to be in the band) who take this kind of stuff way too seriously. Shut up kid, you bother me.

That's me in the sunglasses, playing my sax:

After we marched our show, we were waiting on the field for the team to come running out. We were standing there for a bit, while they were playing video, cheerleaders were running everywhere, music, fireworks, etc. There's my best band-buddy, Debbie, holding the piccolo. Hi Debbie! We were in the same class at ASU, so we both had the pleasure of turning the big Four Oh this year. Ha!

This is what it looks like to be standing on the field as the team comes running right past you. It's blurry, yeah..those guys were running fast, plus there were lots of fireworks and smoke! I was probably supposed to be playing the fight song at that point, but I was taking a picture instead. Hee.

The game started out a little slowly, and we were trailing 20-14 at halftime. But as usual with this particular team, they kick it into high gear for the second half! I didn't take any pictures during the game, but at the end, after we beat Cal 31-20, the students poured out onto the field. I remember doing that, back in the day.

ASU is now 8-0, baby! We're ranked like #4 (or #6, depending which poll you look at) in the country! Next week is an even bigger challenge, playing Oregon, who beat USC yesterday. That's gonna be a good one too, I wish it was a home game!. We also get to play USC on Thanksgiving day. This season is so exciting, I can't wait for next Saturday. Go Devils!


Sheri said...

I'm jealous! We all love ASU football (o.k. well maybe not me but all of my whole family does). It sounds like you had lots of fun. My brother tried to get tickets for the game but it was sold out.

Shelley said...

One of the main reasons I decided to march was so I could go to the game for free! I wouldn't have been able to go otherwise. I know USC is already sold out and I'm sure Arizona will be too. I'm glad I went, even though I feel like a very sore slug who can't move today. lol

Lish said...

I saw part of the game as we were flipping through channels...thought of you, but didn't know you were actually there or I'd have looked to see if I could pick you out! ;)

We're Buckeye fans (of course). ;)

Fannie Mae said...

After many years of having a shitty football team KU is FINALLY on a winning streak. YAY! Maybe we'll see you at a bowl game!