Sunday, October 28, 2007

I Miss My Sanity

Ok, honestly I'm about ready to snap. Anytime that one of my two older kids has a friend over, Kylie has to act like a baboon. I mean, more than she normally does. Yes, she's showing off for attention. But it's the worst when Danni's boyfriend is here. She's acting like a freaking lunatic (Lunatic Fringe, anyone? Because it's playing in my head right now.) Finally, I'd had enough, it's 8pm, we bring her up to our room. She starts screaming that she doesn't want to go to bed. Screaming. My head hurts. I'm still sore and tired from last night. Isn't five a bit old for this?

Since she needs an excuse to keep crying, she starts wailing, "BUT I MISS GRAAANNNNTTTT!!!"

Grant is her "boyfriend" in her preschool class. She saw him at school on Friday, and will see him again tomorrow. She is as full of crap as a constipated cow. I point out to her that she will see Grant tomorrow, because apparently I still haven't learned not to try and reason with this behavior. So then she shrieks, "BUT I MISS SOPHIE AND PHILLIP!!!!!" More crying. Ok, Sophie and Phillip are the twin niece and nephew of my friend Kati. They are more or less Kylie's age. They live in Germany, and Kylie met them ONCE, when they were here visiting about two years ago. This is totally fake, I know it and she knows's just an excuse to keep up the crocodile tears. Seriously kid...shut it. Does anyone else's kid besides mine INVENT reasons to be upset? Like, if there's no real reason to be upset, she/he will pull something totally random out of thin air?

One of these days I'm going to completely lose it, and run around my house shrieking "I miss my SANITYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!" I wonder if it lives in Germany? Oh no, I know where it lives: 1990. You know, before I had kids.


Family Adventure said...

Yikes. I almost had to cover my ears just reading it. Loud. But still funny! She sounds like quite the handful.

Great post and blog.

Heidi :)

Lish said...

Can't say that we deal with Aidan acting that way...BUT...when Paige has friends over, it's KENNY acting like a baboon. I think he's flirting though. You know how those high school chicks like baboony 12 year olds. ;)

Anonymous said...

All of our kids, EVEN Megan, want to be the center of attention whenever someone different is over. When Megan was younger (5-7) some of our friends even commented about it making it unpleasant to come over because she wanted their attention all the time. She wasn't misbehaving, but she'd try to monopolize their time and conversation. That was embarrassing