Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Hot Damn, It Really IS Crazy Face Day!

In my previous post, there was a nice little story about how my child colored her face with red marker, claiming it was for "crazy face day." Well, little did I know. You see, last week at Awana (which I know nothing about because I'm at work and my mom takes her, it's at my mom's church), it was crazy hat night. She wore the flamingo hat she got at Sea World. Well, it turns out that tonight at Awana is crazy face night, and she was just practicing by coloring her entire face red! At the time of the red face incident, I had no idea about Awana's crazy face night.

Of course, I had to help her color her face for tonight and take pictures before I went to work. She told me what to draw. I am most definitely not an artist, so in case you are wondering: On her left cheek is a ladybug, and on her right cheek is a butterfly. All that green? Why, it's grass, of course.

Oh yes...the pink on her forehead is supposed to be a dolphin. I suppose some blue around it for water would have made that completely obvious. Art has never been my strong suit.

The below picture is especially for my friend Pam at Bubble Writes. It seems my daughter and her son share a love of writing with Sharpie markers. You know, everywhere but on paper. This is Kylie's rendition of Spongebob, in black Sharpie. On her bedroom door, of course.


Jenifer said...

I really like the green beard...I mean grass!! I can't believe that you didn't believe her about it being crazy face day...gosh! :)

Lish said...

See? We really don't know anything. ;) That's a great rendition of Spongebob, btw! ;)

Anonymous said...

We only have scribbles on the wall so far... they're called "train tracks" but I can't tell the difference. :p My kids just can't draw. At least I don't have to worry about cleaning a potential masterpiece. :)