Monday, October 22, 2007

You're Lucky I Didn't Kick Your Ass

Dear Dirty Middle-Aged Pervert with the Beard and the Horse Racing Forms at Starbucks,

That girl that you are so obviously looking up and down is my daughter. She is FIFTEEN. Do you happen to see me, her mother, standing right next to her as you are so blatently ogling her? I let it go the first time I saw you do it, when she was ordering her drink. But the second time, as you walked by her as she was waiting for her drink, and holding her five year-old sister on her hip, you did it again. And you weren't subtle about it either. Again, I suppose you didn't happen to see me, her mother, STANDING RIGHT NEXT TO HER? I hope you were just a little bit embarrassed when I told you, loudly, that she was fifteen and to stop staring at her. Skeevy bastard. It's a good thing I'm not Matt Parkman, because I don't even want to know what you were thinking.

You're disgusting,
Bad Pissed-Off Mommy


Jenifer said...

I know you were/are upset about this. What a creep.

Lish said...

I think that some men just don't have a clue. I've seen Ken ogling girls before that I have to remind him that he's old enough to be their dad. In his defense, they aren't 15 but more like 20-25, but still...he IS old enough to be their dads too. ;)

Dani is a lovely girl, but I'd have been pissed too. It was bad enough when the orderly was flirting with Paige in the ER last week. But at least he was barely out of puberty.

Fannie Mae said...

WOW. Good for you, I would have said something too.

Shelley said...

You know, in hindsight (after a couple of days of cooling off), maybe I over-reacted. But at the time, it made my blood boil. I don't mind if boys her age look at her. Hell, it doesn't bother me when older boys that are 18,20, or even 25 look. At least they're in the same general age range. But this guy, who was probably 45-50, just totally creeped me out.