Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Runner's World? Really?

I just canceled my subscription to Parents Magazine. I did it online, and I wish they would have had a little text box and asked me why. Because I would have told them. I think they should just call it "Parents of Babies and Toddlers Magazine", because that's basically what it is.

I was not happy when they got rid of their "As They Grow" section for 9-12 year olds, and I have in fact emailed them several times to request that they add that back in, along with maybe a section on teenagers. But my emails are ignored, of course. I'm tired of reading 843 articles on breastfeeding, childproofing your house and whether or not crawling is an actual developmental milestone.

Here's a good example in the January 2008 issue. The title of the article is "The Age of Insolence", and the subtitle is "Is your kid's bad attitude driving you crazy? Find out how to rein in back talk at every age." Yes, they said EVERY AGE. Except they stop at age 6. Because kids all stop back-talking at age 6, right? Tell that to my 12 year-old and my 15 year-old. Got any suggestions for their attitudes, Parents?

How about some articles on dealing with your teenager starting to drive, having a boyfriend, hormonal adolescents, sports, starting jr high, applying to college, etc. Aren't those also "Parents" issues? No, according to Parents Magazine, apparently we stop parenting around age 8. So I'm done paying them.

I don't really care about this, but the reason for the post is this: Right after I canceled my subscription, all of a sudden an offer to subscribe to Runner's World appeared in my email. Are they owned by the same publishing company? Have these people ever SEEN me? Like my fat ass would be interested in reading Runner's World. Just in case they are interested, here are some magazines I would enjoy:

Having Your Cake and Eating it Too
People Who Stroll Leisurely Around the Mall
Target Addicts
Laundry, Dishes, and How to Avoid Them
Pictures of Hot Men Weekly

Feel free to add your own titles of magazines you would like to subscribe to. To which you would like to subscribe? That little preposition at the end of the sentence tends to bother me much more than it should. Oh, I have another one to add.

Grammar and Spelling Digest

It's a sickness, I know.


onthegomom said...

I, too, cancelled my Parenting magazine for the EXACT same reason. Seriously, HOW MANY articles can be written about that FIRST YEAR OF LIFE... There are 17 more to follow ya know! Step outside the box people!!!!!

I LOVED your magazine topics. But I am not creative that way, you rock! The only thing I am good at is "How To Spend Money I Don't Have".

Lish said...

They only go up to age 6-8, because after that age who has TIME to read a magazine?

I love how the attitude/mouthinesss advice ended at age 6....they have NO FREAKING CLUE!

My magazine title "How to Win the Lotto and Not Let On to the Relatives"...or "How Your Teenager Can Eat 10x as Much as You and Still Weigh 98 Pounds!"

Fannie Mae said...

My life in subscriptions:
"Ladies Home Journanl"

What I want to read?
"Reversing Sun Damage With Cocktails""

Shelley said...

You guys crack me up. I seriously NEED subscriptions to all four of those mags!

WA said...

Man, I would give you the Merona sweatshirt off my back for that Target Addicts magazine.

How about:

Wrinkles and Pimples: Now You Can Have Both!