Saturday, January 2, 2010

A New Experience

Today I did something I've never done before. I walked on water.

Ok, it was frozen water, but water nonetheless.

I've never walked on a frozen lake before, and I was slightly quite apprehensive. However, there were two other ladies there, with a boy and a dog. One of the ladies was trying to explain to the boy how she knew the ice was safe to walk on. She kicked some snow out of the way until you could see the ice. The ice was white, not clear, and very hard.

Still, I waited for them to walk out onto it before I let Kylie venture out.

This is Kylie standing on Johnson Lake in Clement Park. If you remember back to 1999 and the Columbine shootings, you saw tons of TV trucks and a memorial tent for each student that was killed in a park near the school. That was Clement Park. One day when it's warmer and the flowers are blooming again, I'll make the Columbine Memorial at Clement Park my picture of the day. It's really quite moving.

Anyhoo, the geese are walking rather than swimming these days. And I was indeed on the ice, albeit a bit closer to the shore than Kylie. You see, she only weighs 38 lbs. And I weigh...more than 38 lbs. So I figured she was safer out there than I was. It was strange, walking in the same spot that Kylie and her dad had cast out their fishing lines on Father's Day. I like having four seasons.


Peterson Family said...

Cute pic! Yeah..I would be a little apprehensive about going out there too!

Mary~Momathon said...

I remember the first time I went out on an ice lake. Scary! My husband (boyfriend at the time) drove out onto the ice and spun cookies. I screamed and screamed and screamed. We were just fine. Sometimes you'll see vehicles out on the ice, it can get pretty thick.

Kylie is only 38 lbs? She'd better put some rocks in her pockets so she doesn't blow away!

mommablogsalot said...

Now that is an experience to remember! I'd have been nervous for sure, too. Way to go!

Dawn in Austin said...

When I was little, we would visit Grandma in Minnesota and play on the lake across from her house. I never could get my sea legs and spent more time on my butt. See? it's not that I don't like the cold, it obviously doesn't like me.

Glad you're enjoying it!