Monday, January 4, 2010

An Early Morning Visitor

One of the things I love about living here is the amount of wildlife in our neighborhood. We have lots of cottontail rabbits and squirrels, and also a lot of deer. I've been told that elk stroll through occasionally too, but I've never seen one.

This little lady stopped by my backyard for a snack this morning. She didn't seem to mind me standing on the patio, snapping her picture. She was much more interested in my pine tree. I imagine it gets difficult for them to find food this time of year. I locked the dogs inside the house so she could stay as long as she wanted.


Anonymous said...

Oh she's so beautiful! How lucky to have noticed her AND gotten a picture!

Fannie said...

Yeah, yeah. Talk to me in the spring when she comes back to munch everything in your gardens!

Shelley said...

Dearest Fannie,
I don't have gardens. I wish I did. I tried to plant 5 (FIVE) mum plants last fall, and they all died. Like in a week. I can't grow anything to save my life. I'm surprised my kids are still alive.

I know the munching of flowers irritates my neighbors though. Isn't there something you can put on them that the deer don't like?