Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Leavin' On A Jet Plane

My daughter posted this picture as her profile pic on Facebook yesterday. I saw it and I couldn't get over how...grown up she is. And dare I say (though I may be a bit biased), how beautiful she is. Lucky kid, she got her looks from her dad and her brains from me. Except for the freckles, those are mine. Sorry 'bout that, kiddo.

Today she is traveling with my mother to North Carolina. My brother and sister-in-law are taking a trip to Las Vegas, sans their 4 year-old. My mother and daughter are flying out there to babysit my niece for a week.

I don't really understand why they couldn't just drop my niece in Phoenix on their way to Vegas. That seems like far less hassle, not to mention much cheaper. But when I asked, my brother said they couldn't get the flights to work out, blah blah whatever. I didn't understand it, but in any case, Danni and my mom are at this moment, on their way to the east coast.

Danni had mixed feelings about going. Last semester, she didn't have any absences, and therefore was not required to take any finals. She liked that a lot. Now she's going to miss five days of school and will have to take her TWO finals. Yeah, two. She only has four classes, and two of them are dance and softball. So she'll have to take her English and economics finals. Plus, she's going to miss a week of softball right before tryouts. Seeing as she's a senior and she played varsity last year, I can't imagine her not making the team, so I'm not sure that's an issue.

She's been going through some personal stuff lately, regarding a boyfriend/ex-boyfriend, so I think it will be good for her to get away. I also told her she gets to visit a state she's never been to before, which is always fun. We've never even been anywhere near the southeast part of the United States, and I hear NC is beautiful. I'm jealous too...I want to leave for a week. I've never been to NC either.

I really hope this trip lets her get away, get her thoughts and feelings sorted out, and just relax for a while. This parenting from 800 miles away is hard, y'all.


Mary~Momathon said...

She's so beautiful!

If its any consolation, I miss my daughter too. You have my commiserations. I hope Danni has a great week away!

Joann Mannix said...

She's gorgeous!

We have that exam exemption policy down here, too. I hate it! My oldest girl was a colorguard and during marching season, her schedule was rigorous. She practiced every night, game on Friday and competitions 3 out of the 4 Saturdays ever month. Between trying to maintain her high GPA and practice, she'd get about 5 hours of sleep a night. She always ended up getting sick every year, thanks to her schedule. It didn't seem fair that this girl who worked so hard and kept straight A's had to take her exam. It should be based on something else.

2 exams isn't bad, though. I think the great time she'll have will outweigh the extra studying she has to do.

And I know what you mean, parenting my daughter from over the phone and through the computer while she's away at college is no fun, indeed, especially when they have their troubles and you just want to wrap your arms around them and make everything better.

Peterson Family said...

She is a beautiful young woman! They grow up fast, don't they?

My in-laws live in NC and we love visiting there! It is a beautiful state!

Stacey said...

I think she looks like your profile pic.
It will be good for her to get away from those issues.
My kids have to take finals no matter what. They wouldn't think that was very fair. lol

Dawn in Austin said...

She is so pretty!!

I remember my Grandma and Aunt coming to babysit me and my sister while my parents went to Hawaii (that was back in the day when parents did things like vacation in Hawaii without kids). Anyway, Granmda let us jump on the bed.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I've never heard of that policy with exams. Though sometimes if you have a high "A" you don't have to take the final.

I would love to visit NC as well--I've never been anywhere near there.

She's a beautiful girl--it's so bittersweet to see them grow up.

Fannie said...

She looks great! And I'm with Jenn. If you had a high A no final exam except for AP classes. Only for seniors though.