Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Really, Really Big Day

On Saturday, Kylie had opening day for her very first softball team. She is playing in an 8U (8 and under) coach-pitch league. There are 13 girls on her team. 7 of them showed up for opening ceremonies at 8:30am.

This is Kylie with six of her teammates, and their coach, Coach Rick. Coach Rick is pretty awesome. I keep getting lucky with city league coaches. He reminds me of another guy that both Danni and Shannon played for. He is so patient, a great teacher, and always has a positive comment for everything. Good try, great swing, you're doing a great job. Every little kid should have a coach like this.

In case you were wondering, Kylie is the very small, very white child on the left. At 6 1/2, there are actually three girls on the team that are younger than she is. Two of them just turned six, and one is still five. Kylie is still the smallest, though.

I also would like to mention that three of the girls on the team (and also in the picture) are the coach's daughters. They are eight, seven, and six years old. The little one just turned six. All I can think of is that in about six years, they are going to have girls that are 14, 13, and 12. There's not enough wine, rum and Xanax in the world, people. I debated with myself over whether or not to warn their mother what she's in for. I decided against it. Why terrify the poor woman? If I were her, though, I'd have my bags packed for...somewhere really far away.

Sparky, the ASU Sun Devil mascot, attended the opening ceremonies. They had all the girls there gather around the pitching circle as Sparky threw out the first pitch of the season.

I grabbed Sparky to take a picture with Kylie and her teammates. I have no idea why Kylie is always standing apart from everyone.

At 11:25am, the girls had to be back for team pictures. I'm glad all 13 girls came for pictures.

Then at 1:15pm, they had their first game. They won, 17-3. They all just played amazing. Remember how I was all kicking myself for not putting Kylie in t-ball? Well. She got up to bat three times, and she hit the ball all three times. I am officially done punishing myself for that decision. She did great.

I wish I had some pictures from the game, but I don't. You see, each team has to have an official scorekeeper. Since I am the team mom, Rick asked me to find a scorekeeper/keepers. Because I know how to keep score and have done it a gazillion times before, I decided to just do it myself. That means I have to pay close attention, and I couldn't take any pictures. But boy, did those kids have fun. And that's what it's all about. That, and the hokey pokey.

Directly after the game, my mom took Kylie to a church picnic. Because she wasn't tired enough yet. She was there for a couple of hours, and then I went to pick her up. I was greeted by this:

Yep, that's the first tooth she has lost. Did you know that the going rate for a first tooth is like five bucks? I couldn't believe it when she came in my room with five bucks the next morning. Did the tooth fairy win the Powerball? What's up with that? I only got a stinkin' quarter.

To top the day off, I was going to drag her to the ASU softball game with me. My parents have season tickets, and my dad didn't feel well, so I was going to use his ticket. But man, was that kid tired. I talked Shannon into babysitting while I went to the game. For a price, of course. Tune in either tomorrow or the next day to find out what Shannon spent part of her babysitting money on.

Today, I got picked to sit on a jury. I've been called for jury duty SEVERAL times (compared to my husband's ZERO times, but whatever, Court), but this is the first time I've actually been selected for the jury. It's a civil case, and at first I thought...YAWN. One person suing another. But it actually might get kind of juicy. It's supposed to last until Thursday. Of course I can't talk about it. Yet. :)


Scotvalkyrie said...

I NEVER get called for jury duty. And now, when I've got the time, I still won't get called. As soon as I start a job, I'll get called up. Sheesh. BTW, if you get a chance, email me with Marc's email. THX

Dawn in Austin said...

Oooooh! I SO want to hear about jury duty. I'm one of the ones ZERO times called. I'm also the one who touts our right to vote, register to vote, serving jury duty is a priveledge, blah blah blah and I've never been called! I think they must know how badly I want to.

The tooth fairy used to leave my youngest little toys, like train whistles, geodes and whirlygigs. I guess it's been a while. LOL

onthegomom said...

Can't wait to hear about Jury Duty. Also looooooved the missing tooth pic, how cute!!!