Monday, March 9, 2009

Contest Winner!

Thanks to everyone who submitted names for our new puppy. After careful consideration and lots of phone calls to Denver, we have a winner! First, the runner up...the name that came in second was Toby. Steve, Danni and I all liked this name. Of course, Shannon the Dissenter said that the name reminded her of Toby Keith, and she hates country music. Well, I can't fault that logic, but I did like the name.

So, the one name the we did all agree on was Luke. Congratulations Jen! You are the winner of the two movie passes. I'll get those to you asap. :)

Hi Luke!

Steve took the dog to get neutered on Friday, so he is now refering to him as "Luke, the Nutless Wonder." I think that's mean.

So now we have our dogs Bo and Luke. When we get to CO, Shannon wants a guinea pig. I think Daisy would be a great name. And if you don't get that, you are way too young to be reading this blog.


buttercup said...

ooooh, I was so close with the Toby suggestion! But, Bo and Luke are a pretty darn cute combination:)

Sabrina said...

Have you ever been to, or thought about going to Dukesfest? It's a great time, and brings back all the glory from our youth :o)

Mary~Momathon said...

I love that name! All you need now is one named Daisy!

Shelley said...

Ha! I totally get it. Luke fits him - he's such a cutie. Bet you all can't wait to get to know him.

Lish said...

Well, since you're getting a guinea PIG...shouldn't it be something like Boss or something (HOGG?) *LOL*

Bo and Luke though...I like that. :)