Saturday, March 7, 2009

Slipping Away

I have a folder on my desktop that's just called "Pictures." I just throw all the miscellaneous photos that land on the desktop into that folder. I was going through it just now, and I found these two shots:

I know by the background that this is the kids' old elementary school, so this is Shannon in either 5th or 6th grade. I had forgotten how cute she was. You know, without the heavy black eyeliner, the hair that's been dyed dark and straightened to within an inch of it's life, and the attitude from hell. She had the most adorable wavy curls, that she hates with a passion now. She straightens her hair obsessively, three times a day. She has some thinning shears and she thins it out all the time. It was so thick and beautiful and I was so jealous of that hair.

I had also forgotten how she used to play with Kylie. You know, instead of screaming at her. Going by Kylie's "Club Pee Wee 2006 shirt," I'm going to put their ages at 3 and 11. I know I keep using the word cute, but they really were so cute together.

I am already mourning losing Kylie, and she's only six. But I know that someday, she is going to morph from this sweet little kid she is now (most of the time) who loves to snuggle with me and kiss and hug me, into an adolescent monster. Right now she thinks I'm the most awesome person in the world. She also thinks that I know everything. And if the trend of my girls continues, she will be the worst one of all. And I don't think I can do this a third time.

Excuse me while I go cry now.


Diesel said...

Maybe she'll surprise you. Give her a chance.

Mary~Momathon said...

awwwww.... She'll come back! Hang in there!

on a technical note, right click on your photo and choose properties. You should be able to see the date the photo was taken. And the time. Only thing missing is the place!

Jill said...

Give her a few years. Then she'll be a grown up and will be able to appreciate all you've done for her. Hey! It happened to me! One can always hope anyway...

Fannie said...

But some day you'll have three on the OTHER side.