Monday, March 16, 2009

$9.99 For The Interwebz

And you know I'll gladly pay it. Dang second-rate Best Western with no free internet.


We're on our way to visit Steve in Denver. Since six year-olds do not handle 14 hour drives well, we decided to split it up into two days. We weren't planning on leaving until after Danni's softball game this afternoon, which would have put us at our motel at maybe midnight.

However, at 10:30 this morning, Danni got a call from her coach that the game was changed from 3:45pm to noon. That screwed up my carefully planned agenda, but in the long run it was better. Now we can get a good night's sleep. Also, they won the game! In the bottom of the seventh inning, 6-5! It was actually pretty exciting.

So here was the highlight of today's trip: Burger King in Flagstaff. We're sitting there, and there are Jerry's Kids crown things all over the walls. You buy them for a dollar and write your name on them. They must have been doing it a long time, because the walls are covered with crowns. Shannon is sitting across from me, and she spies this crown:

Really original, right? Except that Shannon didn't get it, so out loud she said,


and then she turned red and busted up laughing, as did Danni and I. I can't believe they put that up on the wall. And Kylie wanted to know why we were laughing. Try explaining that one to a six year-old.

It was 82 degrees when we left home. By the time we got to Flagstaff, around 5pm, it was a little on the chilly side. That's why Kylie is rocking her ski jacket with the shorts and flip flops. Girl's gotta have a little style, even in the BK.

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onthegomom said...

Sad to say but my boys (age 19 and 15 1/2) would be sitting there laughing hysterically and I would be the one sounding it out and THEN getting it. DUH. Teenagers...UGH. It was 74 here yesterday (in Iowa) and my 11 year old daughter had on a tank top and shorts... I about died...LOL