Wednesday, April 1, 2009

No Fools Here

I hate April Fool's Day. I hate it, because I think it's mean. I don't like playing tricks on people, and I don't like having them played on me. I think it's juvenile, stupid, and often cruel.

This morning, Kylie was whining because no one had said April Fool to her. So Danni said,

"Hey Kylie, I got you a pony!"

Of course, Kylie didn't buy that. But I used that to explain that what if Danni had woken up this morning and decided to tell you that mom was buying you a pony? Then you got all excited, because you love horses so much. How disappointed and upset would you be when you found out it was just a "joke?" I put joke in quotes because I think jokes should be funny, and I don't find things like that funny at all.

On the bright side, I'm looking forward to jury duty today. The last two days have been pretty entertaining, and today should be even better. I'm on a jury with some cool people, and the case is extremely convoluted and juicy, and I'm having a good time. No foolin'.


Fannie said...

I am totally going to ruin my track record for saying this BUT - I've never had to do Jury Duty.

Lish said...

Again...we are so alike. First off, I hate April Fool's too...more like LYING day.

And I served jury duty once...and loved it!

Scotvalkyrie said...

I also hate April Fool's Day, both because I'm bad at pranks and I'm so gullible. However, I had been planning to set Hubster up with a prank that our old Company wanted to hire me back, except that got dashed after what happened there Monday. Bastards.