Monday, September 24, 2007

Zumba Zumba...Ouch

Two unrelated subjects here, but the word Zumba is fun, so I had to use it for a title. Wait, now that I think of it, I have three unrelated subjects to talk about:

1) My little blog and I are starting to get a complex, because I have realized that there are a LOT of funny people blogging. I like to think I'm funny, but these people really are. I've been reading a lot few of other people's blogs when I should be working. Here's just one example that nearly made me pee my this lady's post about talking with the computer generated IKEA receptionist, or whatever she is. The Underpaid Kept Woman. The post is called Conversation With IKEA Anna. I about died laughing. Or maybe I'm just really easily entertained.

2) The title of the entry, Zumba. At the gym this morning, I took an hour-long class called Zumba. It's a Latin/Salsa/aerobics/dance...thing. This class is only offered at 9am on Monday mornings. Two Monday mornings ago, I was there, doing my stupid, boring treadmill thing, and the people in the class looked like they were having fun. So I decided to try it. I'm here to tell you, I have never felt more uncoordinated! I was definitely not a dancer in any of my previous lives. The instructor said the most important thing is that you keep moving, and I did, for the whole hour. But I think by the end, I was pretty much making up my own steps, because I couldn't get the hang of hers. She (the instructor) looked awesome doing her dance steps, I looked like a dork. Thankfully, I wasn't the only one. I was telling one of the other moms about the class while waiting for Kylie to get out of preschool, and she said "Just pretend you've had 4 beers and a couple shots of tequila, and just shake it!" I just may do that next time. There was a lot of hip gyrating and dancing in circles and sexy boob-shaking moves, which I'm sure look oh-so attractive when a fat girl does them. Speaking of which, right before the music started, this little blond girl who was about as big as my thigh came in and stood near me. Luckily, she wasn't so coordinated either, or I would have had to step on her. Anyway, I made it through the hour, and an hour in that class was way more fun than 15 minutes on a treadmill. It went by fast, which surprised me. I may even go back next Monday. I'm glad they only offer it once a week though, because I think it will probably take me that long to recover. I can stationary bike and treadmill and weight machine with the best of them, but this class used muscles that are now saying "Hey, wtf??" at me. I am going to be sore tomorrow.

3) I've decided to make the third subject, which is Kylie Empties Her Brain, another post that I will write a bit later, mainly because I have to pee, and also because my posts always seem quite long.


Fannie Mae said...

Susie Sunshine IS a hoot, I'm a long time fan!

Shelley said...

Holy cow, she's hilarious! I find more people every day that I love reading. Pretty soon, I'll be doing nothing but reading mom blogs all day long! Hopefully this is a novelty that will wear off..right? Right? I had no idea there were this many funny, intelligent people blogging! I guess I was hanging with the wrong crowd *coughyahoocough*

Lish said...


Shelley said...

I'm sorry Lishie...I didn't mean you. Have you ever been on yahoo chat and you get these random messages from random people, like "How r u? a/s/l?" And then I answer "Oh goody, it's random letter day! f m s t r?" And they go..."huh?"
Oh geez, I totally didn't mean yahoo groups either! That never even occurred to me! Damn, ok...Trace, Lish, Jill, Alice, Pam...and anyone else that might read this...I didn't mean you! lol

Lish said...

I already e-mailed you biggie. ;)

Laura McIntyre said...

Hiya new to your blog, your kids look adorable. The dance class sounds fun, much better than a treadmil