Thursday, September 27, 2007

Softball Game

Since it seems like my posts have almost all been about Kylie or Danielle, this one is going to be about Shannon. Poor Shannon, middle kids are the Rodney Dangerfields of the respect.

Shannon plays softball, and quite well. I'm not just saying that because I'm her mom. She's good! She's on a 14U team, and these kids have been playing together for a couple of years. They just moved up to 14U this season. Anyway, I got to go to my first game tonight. This was their fourth game of the season, but because I work evenings, it was my first. I took half a night off work so I could go, yay. It was a good game to catch: Her team, the Diamond Devils, won 10-5. They're 3-1 so far! This was also my first time trying out the new camera. I'm still trying to learn the settings, so hopefully these came out ok. She played catcher the first two innnings, and then left field after that. She's also the leadoff batter.

Puttin' on the catcher's gear

Hi Mom!

Laying down a really sweet bunt...she beat the throw too!

Our future softball player

Sighting of a small baboon in a tree.


LIBSMOM said...

You are a blogging maniac!! I can't keep up with all your posts!
Thanks for all the kind words you've left on my blog.
You know I share your passion when it comes to the kids and their sports. LOVE the ball pics. It's hard to believe we've been list mates and friends for so long now. The tale tell sign is how big the kids are getting.
I have a beautiful picture of Emily Crego and Braden walking away holding hands at the zoo! I guess it's the classic friends at the zoo shot.

3 boys 1 girl said...

Congrats Shannon. If you ever play on an evening other then Tue/Thur, I would love to come watch you play again. Chris is friends with Erica on your team. Small world.

Shelley said...

Pam - I know, I always love your baseball pics too. I'm hoping we can get Kylie playing maybe next season. She's definitely ready, but I'm just not sure we're ready to throw a third schedule into the mix, if you know what I mean!
As for the blog posts...this seems to be how I approach most things. I find something new and it's so cool, and I keep up with it for while. Just wait, by November you'll be thinking "hmmm, I wonder why Shelley never posts anymore?" lol

Jen - Unfortunately they only play on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It stinks, since I always work those nights. (and you too!) I'm planning on sneaking away from work for at least one or two more games...when I do, I'll try and get a pic of Shannon and Erica together. :)