Sunday, September 30, 2007

Homecoming Pictures

Well, I don't know anything about the dance other than Danni said they had a great time! Dad went and picked her up around 12:30am. I had no idea, I crashed early. I woke up with a start around 3:45am and had to go and check her bed to make sure she was there. :) Anyway, I've wavered about posting pictures of the kids, since I don't know any of them except Danni and T, but I figure they're all over My Space by now, so it can't hurt if I post them here. Just FYI, this is not my house. (I wish!)

Danni & T - Looks just like last year's pic,
except they're both a bit taller. :)

The Girls

The Group


Anonymous said...

They look great! I stole Paige's pics that her friend's mom took of the girls. I'll have to scan them in here and share. ;)

Jen said...

Danni looks beautiful. I hope they had a wonderful time.

LIBSMOM said...

All of the kids look SO great in their black and brown!!
I just read your Homecoming Weekend post and *I* am THAT Mom. MOST of what the boys do grates on my last nerve and I always feel like they're draining the life out of me!!!! LOL Maybe it's a Mom of three thing?
I have to work at enjoying them but I'm determined to since I know, (see grown boy leave home post) that they are gone all too fast.
Hey, at least we are out of the chasing toddler and changing diapers phase!
Enjoy your workcation, cuz I DO know that being anywhere for 5 days straight with a 5 y/o damn sure is work.

Laura McIntyre said...

The kids look great