Monday, September 10, 2007

Aren't Weekends Supposed to be Relaxing?

So, this was my weekend. Friday night, we went to the high school football game, only to watch our team be trounced 39-0. Kind of a disappointment, considering we were (and that's a big WERE) ranked #2 in the state and went to the state semi-finals last year. Well, hopefully they can rebound, but I'm not holding my breath. So, in lighter news, I took a couple of pictures of Danielle in her guard uniform during warmups. Good thing she doesn't know about this blog, or she might just kill me. I just have to mention real quick about these uniforms. Their school colors are blue and white. So of course the guard uniforms are...crushed velvet Barney purple? Hmmmm.

In fact, I have a video of this warmup, which I'm going to attempt to post...hopefully this will work. See if you can catch the dirty look she throws me at about 8 seconds into it. :)

They really have a good time at the games. I'm happy she's involved in band...some of my best memories from high school and college are from band. Luckily, Steve doesn't know about this blog either, or I'm sure he'd take the opportunity once again, to call me a band geek. Yeah, and what of it?

Then Saturday night, Steve and I took Danielle to the ASU/Colorado game. Steve had to wear his Colorado jersey, of course, but he didn't stick out as much as I thought he would. There were a LOT of Colorado fans there. Luckily they all went home disappointed as ASU won 33-14. They had me a little worried when they were down 14-0 in the first quarter though. Plus, 5, count 'em FIVE personal foul penalties. Maybe we should rename them the Thug Devils, because I know I saw a couple of punches thrown. Dennis Erickson made it clear this won't be tolerated. Ha. Considering his track record, he probably taught them the punch-throwing technique. Here's Danielle in her ASU gear for the game. I swear with her sunglasses on and her little mini backpack she was wearing, she could have passed for a freshman on the ASU campus. (SOB!)

Well, I was going to add on here about Kylie's party on Sunday, but since I'm off work in exactly 7 minutes, I guess that can be another post tomorrow. :)


LIBSMOM said...

Holy Sex Appeal Shel!!
She is a beautiful woman! How do you keep the boys from distracting her?
Truly a beauty!!
Props for the video too! I haven't figured that out yet.

Shelley said...

You have to upload to YouTube, then they give you a code to copy and paste that will embed the video in your journal..that's the first time I've tried it here, so I was amazed that it worked! As for Danielle, she does admit that she's boy crazy, lol. It hasn't been too much of a problem yet (knocks wood)