Monday, September 3, 2007

Happy Birthday, Baby

Today is Kylie's 5th birthday. I just wanted to give her a shout-out for making it to five, because of the three girls she is the only one that's already been to the ER, had a CAT scan, and had her forehead glued back together. My little daredevil.

We had a low-key day today. We went swimming this morning, and then Kylie got to have her birthday lunch/shopping trip with Mimi (my mom), as is tradition with all the girls' birthdays. Shannon made a cake for her, and she got hot dogs and chips for dinner, as requested.

We got her a Littlest Pet Shop plug and play video game for the TV, which she's basically been playing with most of the day, when she's been home. We didn't do a whole lot today, because Sunday she will be having a party at Toy Town with her friends from school. Here she is with Shannon, making sure you know she's FIVE years old today!

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3 boys 1 girl said...

Happy Happy Birthday Ky. From Gracie