Sunday, September 2, 2007

Off To A Promising Start!

Last night, Steve and I went to the ASU v. San Jose State game. The Dennis Erickson era is off to a promising start, as ASU won 45-3. The team looked good! And the band has new, sparkly uniforms! I am a band geek for pointing this out, Steve informed me. But, since the last time they got new uniforms was my sophomore year in the ASU marching band (20 years ago), I have a right to be excited. We are going to try and get tickets to the ASU v. Colorado game next week. However, herein lies a disturbing problem. I went to (and by went to, I mean graduated from) ASU. Steve went to (and by went to, I mean he took a few classes there) Colorado. He does a good job rooting for ASU though, and this is only the second time ever they have faced Colorado. The first time was last year, and ASU won that one. Let's hope history repeats itself. I totally dared him to wear his Colorado jersey to the game next week. However, if he does, I may have to pretend I don't know him.

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LIBSMOM said...

Hey Shelley!!
Welcome to the blogging world. Now, tell me, is every event in your life now up for blog consideration? If not, give it a few more posts and it will be! 'Oh, the kids had cereal for breakfast, I wonder how I can turn that into a funny and/or interesting blog post'.
And no, I don't think I could actually strangle someone with my bare knockers. but I'm glad my post made you laugh!!