Monday, January 7, 2008

Resolved...Guitar Hero! What?

Yes, it's the new year, and I'm a little confused. I've been a little down over some stuff going on with Shannon, my baby growing up and all that, but I think I'll save that musing for her birthday.

Speaking of her birthday, it's this Sunday the 13th, and she'll be 13. Just a little tidbit of info that you don't care 1995, January 13th was a Friday. I spent 3 days after she was born looking for the 666 on her head. Had I known at the time that I was going to have a third child, I wouldn't have wasted my time looking for it on child #2.

What? Ok, so you all know that we got a Wii for Christmas, because you've seen my lovely Christmas pictures, right? Since Christmas, we have been trying to find Guitar Hero. Go to practically any store that sells games, and they have GH for PS2, PS3, Xbox and PC....but not Wii. We had held back $100 that Steve's mom gave us just to buy this, and we asked Shannon if it was cool if this was her birthday present. I know that sounds bad, like her "gift" is really for everyone (cuz it kind of is) but she happily said it was fine. And the fact that she said anything happily means it is well and truly fine.

Steve went to Best Buy Sunday morning (I was at work) because they were supposed to have some in stock. He calls me from outside of Best Buy 30 minutes before it opens, and says there's a line around the building. Wonderful. Luckily, he found out later that most of those people were there just to get a Wii game system. So even though her birthday isn't for a week, he got the game yesterday, and of course we are all addicted. Well, those of us that get to play it. I totally suck at it, but that might be for lack of practice. I have completed one whole song, and it was Rock and Roll All Night, by KISS. And it was on the easiest level. The kids are already good at it, and once Steve got done bitching that the reason he wasn't doing well is because he plays REAL guitar, and this game is nothing like REAL guitar, and decided to just learn to play the damn game, he's pretty good at it too. I could be a contender...if they ever let me play. Ok, I'm actually at work, so I couldn't be playing right now anyway.

So, New Year's resolutions. I never make any, because I never keep them. So what's the point, right? Except that 2007 kind of sucked for me. Nothing bad happened, really...just the normal ups and downs of life...and I turned 40. I spent the first 5 months of the year dreading it, and then the 7 months afterward hating it. Wow, I wasted a whole year.

After thinking about this for a week, I've decided I'm going to make two resolutions, for myself and for my family.

1) Take better care of myself. For me, this means eating better, trying to get some sort of exercise, and making a doctor's appointment not only for the yearly girl stuff that I am now a year late on, but also so I can find out why the hell I'm so mad most of the time. I mean honestly, when a band-aid wrapper on the kitchen floor can set you off, there's something wrong. Never mind that the effing trash can is RIGHT THERE, and holy jeebus I'm SO SICK of picking CRAP up off the floor. My FLOOR is not a GARBAGE CAN, and how can you treat MY house like this? Total disrespect!!! Why can't you guys just clean up after yourselves?? I have a job, you know, I work outside of this house!! I have TWO full-time jobs!! Why do you have to make things so difficult for me??
Geez. See what I mean? I'm crazy.

2) Take care of the family finances. Well, I do take care of them, but I mean actually get serious about paying down some of this debt, so that when the housing market hits the bottom (a year, two?) maybe we'll actually be able to buy our own house, instead of renting someone else's. When I think of all the money we've wasted renting all these years, it makes me sick.

I actually did something the other day. I paid a bill that was outstanding to our pediatrician. I know, it's bad. But it was one of those "I'll take care of it when I have the time" type of things, and I always just forgot about it. It was small, but I actually wrote a check and mailed it, so I feel like I've taken a tiny step in the direction of healthier finances. I have a plan, now I just need to stick with it. Which would be a lot easier if we didn't have three money-sucking machines kids, but I'm determined to do this.

I think the last time someone asked for a handout, I said something like "Why don't you just go out back and pick some fresh cash off our money tree?"

It's official. I've turned into my mother.


Mary said...

I'll forget by the time the 13th comes around - Happy Birthday to your middle child. And Happy "You-gave-birth" day to you!

Of course she doesn't have a 666 mark on her head. Friday's child is loving and giving! (remember the old poem?)

I love your craziness! Sounds so familiar.

drawer queen said...

Not that you need anything more to fit into your busy life, but consider yoga. It made a really big difference for me and the "feeling mad all the time" and was great exercise too. You can find a class or do a DVD at home. It is really amazing.

Anonymous said...

I remember when I did yoga....I was in the best shape I had been in since 4 kids prior and had a much better attitude about life. I also remember that I used to fall asleep at the end of the yoga disc because I was so relaxed. Why don't I do that any more....oh yeah - NO PRIVACY, NO TIME,NO SERENITY! But it really did make a difference. Sounds like you have a good grip, its the rest of the world that keeps slipping! See Ya Thurs?! - KLM

Anonymous said...

I was the one that insisted we get Guitar Hero. :p It's the only game that I play, but really I haven't played it in a while. I was worried about my brain atrophying and my hand eye coordination failing. :p So, anyway, I need to start playing again. I'm up to most of the mediums, but I still can't do Crazy on You or Jessica that well on Medium. :) I CAN play Freebird, but man, I'm worn out at the end. :)

We just joined the community center today and Megan and I start soon for the working out and stuff. I've actually lost almost 30 lbs since October, need to work on gaining muscle now.


Shelley said...

Mary - I do remember that poem, my grandmother used to say it to me. In fact, I was also born on a Friday. :) However, there's nothing in there about children who were born on Friday the 13th. Kylie is Tuesday, so she's supposed to be "full of grace." HA!

Queen - I am really actually considering this. I really hate cardio, it bores me to tears. I called the gym where I have a membership and I haven't been there in like, 4 months, and they only yoga classes they offer are in the evenings! Hello, I'm at work. I need to look into a DVD. I tried it once, and some of those positions, holding up my weight was not easy. I'm sort of a big girl. So hopefully I can find something for beginners.

Hi Kirsten! Yep, definintely Thursday. Kylie has been driving me nuts with the "when can I see Gabe" thing? lol

Alice, 30lbs is awesome! Congratulations! I wish I had a workout buddy, I think it would be at least a little more fun.