Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Magic Potion That Is Tylenol

Kylie's been fighting this little cold thing since Saturday. Sometimes she'll feel hot, one day her neck (throat) was sore, the next day her right ear was hurting. She seemed to be fine Monday morning, so she went to preschool. Yesterday, she woke up feeling crappy, but we had a playdate at the park, and she got pretty upset at the idea of missing that. Gave her some Tylenol, and she was good to go for a while. She got tired pretty quickly though, and you could tell she wasn't feeling like herself, because the Taz factor was cranked down a few notches.

Today, she woke up feeling icky again, and she felt warm to me. So we stayed home from preschool. Went with the Tylenol of course, and 30 minutes later she's feeling pretty good. She's on my bed watching Diego, so I decided this would be a good time to grab a shower. I came out of the shower to this:

Yep, she's in my bed, playing Toontown on my fat laptop. There's no shortcut on the desktop to this site on my laptop, so she obviously just typed it in. I don't even know the site address, but she knows the site, her user name and her password, (no doubt set up by an evil teenage sister) and can enter them accordingly. She's five. Ok, I know all your kids are just as computer savvy, but it still kind of fascinates me.

I grabbed my phone to take a picture, and I wondered if that's what I look like in my bed with my laptop. Well, if I was about 1/8 my current size, had really light blond hair and blue eyes, and perfect skin, that's what I would ... yeah, not at all.

You know what's great about Kylie? She doesn't care if my laptop is fat. She loves my laptop just the way it is. And it obviously loves her back, evidenced by the fact that it hasn't gone all wonky on me because a five year-old is playing with it.

Anyway, I'm sure in a day or so she'll be back to her usual full-speed-ahead self. Her dad has bestowed the nickname of Taz upon her, for reasons that are probably pretty clear to most people.

Remember when these were on Saturday morning? Dedicated to my little Taz.


Anonymous said...

Kylie and Jack are the same age and I don't think Jack even knows how to turn the laptop on. All he ever wants to do anyway is play Ben10 games and look up pictures of spiderman. Boys...

Jenifer said...

Ohhh your in trouble now, sure it's toontown today, Myspace tomorrow. I bet the sisters already have her screen name saved! You already have her tag line. She's good to go or as Justin would say "Your GTG"!

Hope she is feeling better tomorrow for our McSit and Bitch!

Mary said...

Cute! Cute and brilliant! With perfect skin too. Hope she feels better soon!

When my daughter was three she played Fischer Price Little People on the computer and she'd skip the first 2 levels. I couldn't figure out how.

So she told me. You click on File, Options, Level 3. And then she'd deny that she could read! How? She grew up to be a myspacing teen queen. I blame Fisher Price.

McSit and Bitch? Sounds awesome!

Mary Alice said...

That is the cutest picture. What a little ray of sunshine.

onthegomom said...

She might be a Taz... but she is a CUTE Taz!

My niece, who is almost 5, can completely get around on the 'net better than my sister. It makes me laugh.

Lish said...

Just riding the coattails here....Aidan has a folder with his name on it with the sites saved that I've prescreened for him, but he's found Playhouse Disney on my mom's laptop. And he can TOTALLY get around better on the net than my stepdad. Heck I think he can keep to homerow better when my stepdad is hunting and pecking even. :-P

Greta said...

I am TOTALLY putting my laptop on WW. The child is a genius anyway, pure and simple!

Fannie Mae said...

Kids are amazing! And you've been tagged!