Saturday, January 26, 2008

Oops..."My Bad"

Dear people of the English-speaking world, mostly Americans, I'm guessing:

The word "bad" is NOT a noun!

You can have a bad day.
You can have bad hair.
You can have a bad hair day.
You can have a bad thought.
You can have a bad child.
You can have a bad thought about your bad child.
You can have a bad relationship, a bad marriage, a bad temper or a bad wardrobe.
There are bad smells, bad choices, bad music and bad movies. Lots of bad movies.

What does the word bad have in common in all these sentences? In each one, it is modifying a noun. Therefore, the word "bad" is an adjective.

You cannot have a bad. Do you see how ridiculous this sounds?

The next time someone says to me, "Oh, my bad!", I think I'll respond with "Your bad what?"

Do you think they'll get it, or will I get a blank stare, and a "Huh?"

Yeah, I'm voting for the blank stare too.


onthegomom said...

Been there, said that. And I got the BLANK STARE! Wide eyed... and definite confusion.

Anonymous said...

What, or WHO, got you started on the "my bad" thing? I can only guess it had to be someone under the age of 16, maybe hmmmm..... Darn that Kim Possible (that's the first place I heard "my bad", but most of my lifeis in kiddie land)
See Ya

Jenifer said...

Oh, I have a feeling that there might be another post about what got you going on the "My Bad". Did you run into Gamestop Boy again? Sounds like something he would say. Thankfully, my kids have gotten over saying that. I hated it too!

Fannie Mae said...

I'm with you - so VERY over it.

LIBSMOM said...

I just don't like the new habit of people replacing the word have with the word got.
Got milk? No, but I HAVE milk in my glass.
Someone in my house uses it far too often and now I am just forced to say, do you mean HAVE? Do you got your car keys? Why yes, I HAVE my car keys. Grrrrr!
However, I have been known to say, "Mybad". Opps, sowwy!!

SuburbanCorrespondent said...

Thanks - it drives me crazy too.