Sunday, December 28, 2008

Twas Three Days After Christmas, And All Through The House...

Danni whipped by in a cleaning frenzy. This never happens, but I'm just letting it go, because I really like a clean house. I just don't want to clean it. I'm also fascinated by this new behavior.

I guess while Shannon and Kylie and I took the husband to the airport, Danni got into the new Guitar Hero World Tour, and started singing in the empty house. Which, according to her, got her all hyped up.

After we took Steve to the airport, we stopped at Target. We were looking for a memory card for Shannon's new phone so she can put music on it. While we were there, Shannon noticed all the bags of Christmas kisses and Doves chocolates 50% off. That's like, $1.39 a bag, y'all. I think we got four of them.

So we get home, and Danni just goes nuts cleaning the downstairs. In the middle of it, she's all, "Can Josh come over for a little while?" This was her plan all along. Josh is the new boyfriend. So I'm thinking, if this gets her to clean up my house, the boy can come over anytime he wants. But now, I'm stuck downstairs on the computer instead of upstairs in my bedroom, because I don't really want to leave the two of them alone down here, if you know what I'm saying. He seems like a nice enough kid, but they're 16, and ... yeah.

Has anyone else had this experience? This happened with Danni's other boyfriend last year, and now again with the new one. Every time he's over here, Kylie goes nuts. And by nuts, I mean she acts like a complete maniac, racing all over the house, practicing her "cartwheels", and just generally being a huge pain in the you-know-what. It's just insane.

So, Steve is gone back to Denver. He'll be home again in two weeks, but now it will only be for weekends. We're hoping he can come home every two weeks. We have tickets lined up for the 9th and for the 23rd so far. So now it's just us girls again. And my house (well, the downstairs half of it), looks great. Thanks, Danni!

Right before Josh got here, Danni asked me if there was anything for dinner. I said,

"Ummm...there's some leftover ham and some roasted potatoes that you could heat up. And you know, I just bought like four bags of chocolate at Target."

We pretty much had a chocolate dinner. Because that's the way I roll. Literally.


Mary said...

I just noticed your About Me. I think Nebraska quit taking 13 yr olds, but I still threaten my kids with a trip to Nebraska!

Chocolate for dinner is the best! Especially cuz you don't need desert, and so it's like you are dieting. Bonus!

Lish said...

Yes, that happens here too. But not just with Aidan, with Kenny too! UGH! Leave them alone, they're not here to visit YOU.

Boy, we're going to make HIS life hell if he ever brings his girlfriend here (and yes, he has one...but she's just a school girlfriend as her parents won't let her have a boyfriend yet...yeah right!) ;)

Fannie said...

Oh, I hear you! It's exhausting trying to find reasons to keep walking through the family room without looking like you're checking up. Which you totally are!

Jen said...

oh yes. Grace is crazy when Kanani is over. The big sister she doesn't have. As for the cleaning...that is my Chris.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Definitely when my youngest was littler she did the showing off for the boyfriend thing. I think they all do.