Sunday, December 14, 2008

Things That Might Happen

Things that may or may not happen when your husband leaves town to start a new job:

1. Your daughter's car may break. Luckily, your brother-in-law is a mechanic who fixed it for the cost of the part. And about $7 in change that I never got, but I figure was well worth it.

2. The downstairs toilet might overflow. And while normally you are able to remedy this problem with a plunger, this time, for some reason, you can't. You work on it periodically with the plunger for two days, and you finally get it unplugged.

3. Your dog might decide to bring a dead pigeon into the house from the backyard. Since you cannot bring yourself to touch the poor dead bird, you might scream like a girl, and then go running next door and ask your neighbor's 20 year-old son if he could do you a tiny little favor and possible remove a dead bird from your kitchen floor. Thankfully, he does not mind.

4. Sunday morning, while you are at work, your 13 year-old daughter may call you and tell you that we have a slight "sitchiation" at the house. Like the ceiling is leaking. It has something to do with the bathtub. We've had this water bubble thing in the ceiling near the dining room table (which just happens to be directly below the bathtub in my bathroom) for a little while now, but I guess Danni just took a bath, and now it's DRIPPING. From the ceiling. Onto the floor in the dining area. At that point, you would probably tell her to put a bucket under it, and not use the bathtub anymore. Showers are nice too, and luckily they are separate entities.

I know there are a lot of single moms out there, and God bless you. I don't know how you do it. Personally, I don't really care for it.

And the garbage needs to go out, too.


Fannie said...

The Saint leaves KC air space and somone starts puking. I'm just sayin'.

Fannie said...

Oh, and I don't know how the single moms do it either.

Anonymous said...

You get used to it when your kids realize there's no escape. :)

I would have read this earlier, however my bookmarks got erased when I got a virus on my comp a couple of weeks ago. I finally figured out where to go looking for your blog. ;p