Thursday, December 4, 2008

Big Changes

I've been hesitating to write about this for a while, because if I do, it will make it real. But sooner or later, I suppose I have to.

If you read my post titled A Series of Unfortunate Events, you already know that I've been future-fired from my job. If you haven't read it, let me tell you...I've been future-fired from my job.

Future-fired is when you still have your job right now, but you know that on a specific day in the future, you will no longer have your job. That day for me is February 13th. My lovely company has decided to close its Phoenix office.

I had figured on looking for another job in the spring, or even before that. Ideally, I would have had another job by the time this one ends.

However, there were things going on at hubby's job too. He does computer sales, and his company was/is laying off people left and right. He survived two rounds of layoffs, but they said that they were going to be laying off 100 more people before Christmas. As a senior sales rep, he was extremely worried, because they seemed to be getting rid of all the senior reps, and keeping the newer hires, who make less money.

So, we made a decision. Instead of sitting around and waiting for him to get laid off, he is taking a job that was offered to him by one of his customers. A job that pays more, a job that involves some commission, but we will definitely not live or die by it, and a job that is virtually recession/economy proof. The bad news, or the good news, depending on your perspective, is that the job is in Denver.

Hubby was in Denver over the weekend, accepting the job. He has a small one-bedroom apartment lined up, and he is leaving Saturday. As in, this Saturday. Two days from now. Since I'm still at my job until Feb., and by that time we would be in the middle of the second semester of school, the girls and I are going to stay here until the end of the school year. Hubby will visit as often as is financially feasible. In fact, we have already booked his flight back to Phoenix for Christmas.

I think I am mostly good with this. There are a few people that I am going to miss terribly. My mother is going to miss seeing the kids, especially Kylie, all the time. But she will visit us often. I am looking forward to seasons and snow.

I feel so pulled in two different directions. On one hand, Phoenix is my home. I've lived here all my life, and I have deep roots and good friends. My kids have been here all their lives, and also have friends.

However, I know this is something we have to do for the well-being of our family. The kids seem to be adjusting to the idea pretty well. It's going to be hard for Danni, as we are moving right before her senior year. She is a smart kid though, and a great kid, and she understands why we need to do this. Part of her is apprehensive about a new school for her senior year, not knowing anyone. Part of her is also kind of excited about a change. Just think...a whole school full of brand-new boys.

Shannon was very upset at first. She has a tight group of friends. But she seems to be getting used to the idea quickly. She will just be starting high school, so it's actually not a bad time for her to make a move. I know her... she'll be fine, and she will make friends quickly. She's that kind of kid.

Kylie thought she was upset at first, until we told her that it snowed in Colorado. She's only been in the snow once before in her life. After we told her that, she was totally on board.

We've also made a couple of other promises that we're going to try our best to keep. One of them is a four-bedroom house. Shannon doesn't so much enjoy sharing her room with a six year-old, so we told her she'd be able to have her own room. We also told the kids that we could get a second dog. I think I can handle both of those.

One of my most daunting tasks is finding a good high school. There are 17 high schools in the Denver metro area. We need a school with a good dance program for Danni, and one that offers photography classes for Shannon. Because that's what Shannon wanted to do next year, and I don't want to take that away from her. All the high schools there have softball teams, so that's not an issue. We plan on finding a high school first, then looking for a house in that area.

My biggest stress right now, besides financially supporting two households (luckily, Steve got some relocation money so that will help), is the fact that I'm basically going to be a single mom for the next six months. That will be less complicated after my job ends, but Kylie especially, is going to miss her daddy.

Last night, we went and got Steve some things for his bachelor pad. Bathroom towels, some dishes, pots and pans, a garbage can, laundry basket, silverware, sheets, a blanket, a microwave and a can opener. Dish soap, garbage bags, paper towels, a toilet brush, toilet bowl cleaner and Windex. So we can pretend like he will clean. (Just kidding, honey!) We also bought two for our desktop computer at home, and one for Steve's laptop. I'm hoping that being able to see and talk to Daddy on video will make things easier for Kylie. For the rest of us too. We tested it out last night, with Steve on his laptop upstairs, and the kids and I on the desktop downstairs. You'd think none of them had ever seen a camera or video before. What a bunch of lunatics.

So, that's basically my story. At the end of the school year, we'll be relocating to Denver.

Dear Arizona,
I will miss my friends, and my parents, but I will not miss cacti, palm trees, the color brown or 9 months of 100 degree plus heat.


Diesel said...

What a traumatic experience. At least you have options though. Good luck with everything.

Fannie said...

When I was in 6th grade my daad was in Denver, for a new job, for six months while we (5 kids) remained in Connecticut with my mother. We all lived.

THEN we moved from Colorado to KANSAS when I was a freshman. We all lived. So I can relate.

ALSO - the Saint is in sales, so I can relate there too. On the up side? You'll live WAY closer to me!

Anonymous said...

Arizona will miss you too!!!! KLM

Lish said...

And I'll miss teasing you with all the snow and cold! We can commiserate instead! ;)

Jen said...

I can't stop crying to see what I am typing. Don't go....just kidding, all we have to do is fire up the laptops and there we will be. I'm sure going to miss you at our McSit and Bitch. We will have to do a cyber McSit and Bitch....haha.

I really think this is an exciting time for you and your family. You deserve some good things to happen in hubby's career and who knows what is waiting up in Denver for you. I am most sure it is not a help desk job!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

What a lot of changes. It's good that you're approaching them with a positive outlook--it will help the kids.

Denver is one of the few places I could imagine relocating to--I'm sure you'll love it. One thing you might consider--I've heard it from military people--is moving a couple of weeks before school ends. This way the kids don't miss much at their new school and they have the chance to meet some new people before school ends in the new place. It's supposed to make for a more fun summer.