Sunday, August 9, 2009

Perhaps Some Oil Of Olay Is In Order

My life is over.

A few days ago, my mother called saying that my brother asked if we could do a three-way Skype call on Sunday at 5pm. Three way, meaning my parents, us, and my brother, his wife, and my adorable three and a half year-old niece, Makenzie. My brother lives in North Carolina, and we haven't seen Makenzie in person since she was about 9 months old. Sure, I say...sounds great.

Well, we got on the video cam. When I say we, I mean Shannon and Kylie. I wanted Makenzie to be able to see her cousins. Through the course of trying the Skype thing, we discovered that you can't do a three-way video call without some sort of third-party software. We could all hear each other, but we couldn't see video. My brother said he'd play around with it at work this week and figure something out.

Anyway, that's not the point. The point is this. My mom decided to get off the call, so we could just have Kylie and Makenzie talk to each other. Shannon sat in the chair with Kylie on her lap, and they were talking. At some point, Kylie got up and ran off, because she's kind of like a bunny on crack. Then, Shannon decided to go downstairs and get her rabbit to show Makenzie. So the camera is on an empty chair. Reluctantly, I got off the couch and plopped down in the chair. Next thing I know, Makenzie shouts, "Mimi!"

Ok, "Mimi" is my mother. That's me over there at the right. I'm no beauty queen, but I didn't think I looked 72 years old either.

After we ended the call, I went to my husband, crestfallen, and told him that Makenzie had mistaken me for my mother. Ever the loving husband, he told me that Makenzie is only 3 years old, the video quality isn't the best, it's kind of dark in this room where the computer is, and Makenzie just recently saw my mother because my parents visited NC a couple of weeks ago. My mother has short, curly dark brown and gray hair and wears glasses, and I have long, straight light brown (ok, and a LITTLE BIT of gray) hair and I don't wear glasses and of course I don't look like my 72 year old mother.


I mean, that's what he SHOULD have said. What he actually did was pull his baseball cap down over his face, shoulders shaking, and tried to make it seem like he wasn't LAUGHING HIS ASS OFF.

Then when he could talk again, he said everything above. Actually, I said it, and then he agreed with me.

I hate him. Someone shoot me.


Dandy said...

I'm not laughing at all, I wouldn't do that to you.

Its because of the bad video and under-developed brain. Not that she isn't a smart child but she is only 3 years old.

Anonymous said...

OK....I feel the need to explain myself. I was not laughing may A** off at the fact that the little one called her Mimi. A little background. Shell is about as liberal as there is, and her Mother is the complete opposite, almost a McCarthy like Conservative. And, anything that compares Shelley with her Mother HORRIFIES her. So, she (Shelley) comes to me, with this mix of Horrific, yet confused look on her face. It was the way she described it, and the look of repulsed amazement on her face, that had me laughing so hard. Especially after her total frustration over her mother's resend, of a multiple resend on the Obamaheath thing, and how we are all gonna die, and her 1 day diatribe on that. This was too soon for her to hear that. Honey I love you, and if you look as good at 72 as your mom does, that is a plus. mom is 64, yet looks almost 80.

Fannie said...

Nice save on hubby's part!

Scotvalkyrie said...

Husbands. wish you could shoot 'em sometimes, huh?? LOL!

Dawn in Austin said...

You know, my husband says different things in my head, too.

Nice save, though.