Saturday, August 1, 2009

An Idea, And An Award

I've found that lately I have nothing to write about. No ideas, especially not any funny ones. Rabbit drama has been done to death, I think...even though the two large brown rabbits have been traded in (too much work, too old, didn't bond) for an 8 month old black and white lop named Splatter. She already had the name. We thought of a bunch of others (I liked Rorschach myself, but no one else got it), so she's still Splatter. She looks like a white bunny with black splattered on her.

Anyway, the point is, I have nothing to write about. So I thought I'd take an idea from June Gardens and do a "day-in-the-life" post, with pictures. June is taking on this project today, and challenged her readers to do the same. Do yourself a favor, and check out her blog tomorrow, because I'm sure her day will be much more fun than mine. Even if it isn't...her commentary will be hilarious.

I think what I'm going to discover is that my life is pretty boring. But I really have nothing else to do on a Saturday than take pictures of what we're doing. I'm sure there'll be at least one laundry picture. I'm telling you...I'm a fun magnet.

On a completely different note, Lori at The Peterson Family gave me an award, which was so sweet of her:

Thanks, Lori! Please check out her blog...she has some amazing pictures of from The Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis in a recent post.

And tune in tomorrow, for a day in my life...with pictures. Woohoo.


Peterson Family said...

Glad you liked the award! It's fun to hand those out to people! I felt like I should have gotten all dressed up to do it though!

byebyepie said...

Girl, I TOTALLY have a laundry picture in my essay. And unmade beds. I really should have waited to do a day on film when I was climbing Mt Kilimajaro or something...