Sunday, July 19, 2009

New Rabbits, And A Visitor!

Was my post about our baby bunny a little over-the-top, a little emotional, a little...hormonal, maybe? Well, I was upset at the time, and...well, you know.

On the rabbit front, we've adopted a pair from the Humane Society. These two were dropped off because of a divorce, and they are "coupled." As in, they've been together for most of their lives, they like each other, and they snuggle together and it's kinda cute. Oh, and they are also "fixed," so we won't be having any baby bunnies. The Humane Society won't adopt them out unless they are spayed or neutered.

I wanted to come up with names of famous couples, like Fred and Ginger, Ralph and Alice, Lucy and Ricky, Brad and Angelina. Ok, not really Brad and Angelina. I even suggested Max and Ruby, even though I can't stand that show. But it is about two rabbits, even if they are brother and sister. At one point, I wanted Daisy and Cooter. You know, to go with Bo and Luke, the dogs.

In the end, Shannon decided she was going to let two of her friends back home name the rabbits.

Her friend, Jesus (as in Hey-sus, not Christ), named the male rabbit. His name? Jesus. Not kidding. We call him Zeus for short, which I like better. This is Zeus. I know it's a bad picture, but all I had was my phone. He's really big. Like probably 8 lbs.

So then I tried to get her to use a goddess name for the female, like Hera (Zeus's wife), Aphrodite or Venus. But no...her friend Ciara got to name the other one. You would think her name is Ciara, right? No...

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This is Raeya. Pronounced Raya. I have no idea why, it just is. So we have Zeus and Raeya. Raeya is quite a bit smaller than Zeus, although they are both about a year old. It's a good thing we had that large hutch, because Zeus is a big boy. They are settling in and getting used to Shannon.

And as for the visitor...Danni is going to be here tomorrow! Yay! She is flying in tomorrow morning and will be here until Saturday. Then she gets one day to get herself together before she starts school. We still have another month of summer break here. Unfortunately.

I hope we have a fun week, doing stuff here and showing her around, and letting her revel in our 80 degree temperatures. Because that sounds better than three fighting sisters for a week. Kylie is pretty excited about her visit, so hopefully that will override the whole fighting thing. I can't wait for her to get here. I've missed her more than I realized.


Mary~Momathon said...

Ruby bosses Max around too much anyway. Ruby and Max are like John and Kate without the 8. But, they are rabbits...

Yay for Danni's visit! Have fun!

Anonymous said...

We have 2 siamese cats from the same litter. When we got them, we tried the famous couple names route too, but most of them came from cartoons or Disney movies (thanks kids)... Lady & Tramp, Kronk & Eezma, etc. We googled the names of the siamese cats in Lady & the Tramp (even though those cats are evil, but I digress...), but settled on Kim & Ron (from Kim Possible) for about 12 hours. Then a friend came over to see them & said we should name them Yin & Yang. We googled it & it fit. Those are the names that stuck & boy am I glad we don't have a Kim & Ron!

I hope those bunnies stay healthy.

Enjoy Danni's visit!

Rachel in ND

Dawn in Austin said...

So glad you have all your "chicks" around. I know that has to feel good! And the bunnies are so cute and very healthy looking. Hopefully they puppy will leave them in peace.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I can't imagine school starting so soon--I would not be ready for that AT ALL.

I'm glad things are looking up on the bunny front.

Kelsi said...

Congratulations of the new bunnies! I think their names pair well. It is very lucky that they are already paired. I'm sure they are happy to have a forever home :)