Saturday, July 18, 2009

Just One More Reason Why I Love Jimmy Carter

Yes, I love Jimmy Carter. I know many people think he wasn't a very good or effective president, and maybe he wasn't. I was nine years old when he took office, and I must admit, I wasn't paying a whole lot of attention to the global political climate at the time. All I remember is waiting in some long-ass lines for gas in the back of my mom's station wagon.

But now, as an adult, I think he is an amazing man and human being. He is one of the few people in the public eye that I would say practices exactly what he preaches. A Christian who is not a hypocrite. I think there are precious few of those these days.

I have admired him for his work with Habitat for Humanity and civil rights. And I love his cute accent, which has nothing to do with anything. Now, he has left his church of 60 years in protest over religion's treatment of women, which he says perpetuates violence against and subjugation of women. You can read his essay here:

Losing My Religion For Equality

It seems like most of what we read about church leaders today involves sex scandals. It's nice, for once, to hear someone who will stand by his principles to the point where he will leave his church, telling them that they are wrong.

You know what I love most about Jimmy Carter? He makes me want to be a better person.

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