Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Penguin Lives!

Dick Cheney Dr. Strangelove The Penguin Dr. Evil Former vice-president Dick Cheney really just needs to shut the hell up. No one cares what you think anymore.

Actually, I never cared what you thought, but you're not in office anymore, so you can stop trying to scare us. Newsflash, the election is over. Oh, and you weren't even running. And you no longer have the authority to raise the terror alert level to fuchsia or burnt umber or whatever color meant, "Live in fear, citizens!"

The time for government through fear is over. Go away. You're retired. Why don't you go hunting? Just try not to shoot any of your friends in the face this time.

Please...tell me you don't see the resemblance.

P.S. Please feel free to disagree with me. I'm totally fine with that. However, if you're going to leave a comment, please man up (or woman up) and have the balls to sign your comment, Steve Anonymous. Comments by Anonymous will be deleted.


Melissa said...

Oh, I TOTALLY see the resemblance, but I wouldn't have all on my own. Thanks for the enlightenment!

Lish said...

*LMAO* Totally!

Lish said...

BTW, I shared your blog with a good friend of mine (seriously, if we are twins...she could ALMOST be our triplet...okay, maybe a younger cool sister. ;))

This is what she had to say:

"Hahahahaha. That’s great. See, on inauguration day, when the news was making a big deal out of Dick Cheney being in a wheelchair because he had hurt his back, I decided it was something far more sinister than that. I think he had his devil tail surgically removed for his reentry into society, and THAT’S why he was in the wheelchair. I’m just saying…. ;)"

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

It's uncanny.