Monday, February 23, 2009

Inappropriate Card Day - February 26th!

So, Diesel at Mattress Police is trying to get everyone to celebrate his made-up holiday, Inappropriate Card Day again this year. I'll admit, it's a lot more fun than other made-up holidays, like Valentine's Day.

But this year, he really wants to spread the word. So all his readers are supposed to whore themselves out by putting the above counter on their blogs. You can copy the html from his website and add it to yours.

There's just one problem though: In the instructions (Lord, I hope I used that colon right) it says to paste the html into your blog template. Ok Diesel, we don't all work for Google and we're not all way smart computer programmers. So I really have no effing clue where in my template I would paste the code. I tried a couple of different places, like right after the body tag for one, but it didn't show up. I took one semester of web design once, but clearly, I didn't learn much.

Since I am hopelessly unable to put the code in my actual template, Diesel is going to have to settle for a post to all three of my readers, advertising his holiday. Basically, the premise is that on Feb. 26th, you send an inappropriate card to anyone. Not like, sexy innuendo inappropriate, but something like Happy Bridal Shower to your father-in-law, or Congratulations, Graduate! to your brother. Unless your brother just actually graduated from something, in which case that card would be appropriate, and therefore inappropriate. I think.

Christ on a cracker, Diesel...I am done whoring myself for your cause. It's a lot of work.

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Diesel said...

Your way is fine. Thanks. :)