Friday, February 6, 2009

Decisions, Decisions

As many of you may know, our family is moving to Colorado at the end of the school year. I have an issue that I need some help with.

The issue is my blog. When we move, I want to start a new blog for my friends, family and in-laws so that I can post pictures of the kids and what we're doing, since both sets of grandparents are in AZ. I already have a blogger address reserved for this.

The problem is, I don't know what to do about this blog. You see, there are some things I've written here that I would not necessarily want my family or other certain people to see. I think I've mentioned that my mom sometimes bugs the crap out of me with her ultra right-wing Christianism, and I'm thinking that might hurt her feelings.

I think I've also talked about my husband's brother and sister, and I'm guessing that they might be offended if they went back and read about how I call them losers. My point is, there are some things on here that I wouldn't want certain people to read.

So, I'm thinking these are my choices, and granted this wouldn't happen until the end of May, but for some reason it's bugging me now:

1. Make this blog friends only, continue to post whatever I want here, and make the new one public. The problem with this is that I know of a lot of people who read my blog but never comment. I think a lot of them come here via Jen's blog (Hi Susan!), and I wouldn't want to leave them out, but I don't know who all of them are.

2. Go back through this blog and delete anything I ever said that might offend someone. Wow, that sounds time-consuming.

3. Leave this one as it is, and only tell family, in-laws, etc about the new blog. The danger there is that someone who reads I Miss My Sanity leaves a comment on the new blog, then someone follows the link back to here, and ... yeah.

4. End this blog in May and just have everyone move with me to a new blog, where I will have to carefully censor myself so I don't offend anyone. Bleh.

I have no idea what to do. Any comments, thoughts or ideas appreciated.


Mary~Momathon said...

I think you are destined to lead a double blog life!

Lish said...

Double still need somewhere to vent, and you don't need to censor yourself to do so!

Scotvalkyrie said...

Can you make your blog "private" on blogger? Like have it locked with a password that you give out to only 300 of your closest friends? I can do that on Diaryland. If you can do that, then I vote for #1. BTW, seriously, what the hell are you doing these days for work? Are you done on Friday? We should TOTALLY meet up for lunch. Like burgers at Corvette Cafe. I have a coupon. I need adult interaction. I'm not doing well with the "at-home-all-day" transistion. HELP!

Scotvalkyrie said...

. . . sorry I sound so NEEDY! I'm scared of myself now! :)

Scotvalkyrie said...
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BOSSY said...

All the above? (Bossy is no good at multiple choice!)

Jill said...

Oh Shelley, don't censor yourself! What would we do without your humor? Bang our heads against a wall?!?