Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Driving to work this morning, I was feeling a little down. Today was the kids' first day back at school after fall break, and middle daughter and I had a small exchange this morning that left me with a bad taste in my mouth. Basically, over the break her group of friends had some drama, and I was just asking her if everything was ok in that group.

She rolled her eyes and said, "Mom!"

Of course, I'm puzzled, because I think I'm just being a concerned parent, but to her, this is me being "too involved." So she cops an attitude, when I think I'm just being...supportive.


So I'm driving to work, and I'm kind of in a mood. Then, suddenly on the radio, there is this:

Instantly, I am transported back to high school. Driving along in my car, tapping the drum part on my steering wheel, and not a care in the world besides the English paper due at the end of the week. I smiled, and felt better.

Remember back when having a paper due, or who said what to who was the biggest worry in your life, or that your algebra teacher *coughMrCoecough* was a jerk? I want to go back there.

When I got to work, I settled in and opened up, for my daily viewing of yesterday's The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. I know, you wish you had my job. Really, you don't. Anyway, on Hulu's home page was a bunch of clips from old school Sesame Street. Talk about nostalgia, right? If the caption on this was correct, it was from season 4, or 1973. I was six. Who can forget this?

Wow, John John is pushing 40 about now too, right?

Just in case that's not quite enough, I had to look up my favorite Schoolhouse Rock song. And it's not even Conjunction Junction.

Enjoy. I did.


Mary said...

I love John! He's so cute!!!

I have the dvd set of all of the school house rock songs. Its awesome! The noun song is one of my favorites! they are all my favorite!

Alice said...

My favorite Schoolhouse Rock was The Preamble to the Constitution. We had to recite it in the 3rd grade. When we had to do it in the class the teacher said, "Sounds like you were singing it!" Well, of course we were! ;p

Megan says she can get credit for reciting it in her Civics class. I say go for it. ;)
Alice (my open ID was'nt working for some reason! Grrr)